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NimbleCamper.com is all about car camping in everyday cars – using your standard car to travel & sleep in anywhere. It’s about freedom, simplicity, minimalism, affordability. We’re always on the lookout for ways to spend more time outdoors, without any restrictions like having to book accommodation, taking a loan out to buy a campervan or not being able to go somewhere, because your massive campervan doesn’t fit :D.

What started as a spreadsheet of cars and their boot measurements turned into a full-time hobby and this website. I find it fascinating how many different ways people find to sleep in their cars and to make them comfortable for longer camping trips. I collect the best ideas and share them on this website, along with any useful information about cars that are the most suitable to sleep in.

We write about car camping gear, what cars are best for camping conversions and keep an eye out for the best inspirational microcamper conversions – so you’ll know better what to do.

Who is behind NimbleCamper?

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Lukas Cech

Founder, DIY camping enthusiast

An avid traveller and outdoor enthusiast. Car camping and microcamping allow me to keep travelling and exploring with a much greater level of freedom & privacy – to go anywhere and sleep anywhere. I didn’t have 30K to buy a VW Multivan, so found my way to the microcamping world. Here I share my experiences and what I learn.
I used to travel around the world by hitchhiking, backpacking and any other budget means, mostly in South America and Asia

What am I up to now?


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Gabriela Holcer

Adding the artsy touch to things

A traveller with art in her heart. She always sees a different kind of beauty in the world. A creative eye sees things differently – but can also find beauty in places where others don’t. Gabriela ensures the website looks good and always adds the final touch to our DIY camping conversions.


nimble camper - About


All-round tester

One of the reasons why we don’t travel by flying anymore – but switched to car camping instead 🙂 Max makes sure he tests every bit of camping gear we have, so you can rest assured it is all Max-approved. His favourite camping gear is the bed, where he always ensures to bring plenty of dirt from his adventures.

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