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  • Nissan Townstar camper – Combi & Van

    Available in 1.3l petrol and 45kWh electric versions, both offering a very sizeable boot, this NV200 replacement looks like a very good camping car. There is a passenger version – Combi and a van, the latter offering even more room in the boot, but only two seats.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.7/5

    (Van version 3.8/5)

  • Mercedes Citan Camper (XL – L3)

    Basically a Renault Kangoo, better trim and more headroom in the boot (~13cm). More details, images here.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.3/5

  • Ford Transit Connect camper

    A panel van that feels and drives better than a van. It has very good safety scores and is well-rated across other websites. It offers a good-sized cargo area, about average for a panel van. Not the biggest, but it makes up for it with higher comfort when driving and in the cabin. The barn doors on most models are a downside, but they have a small plus point – you can open them all the way towards the front, by the sides of the car so that they won’t get in your way. You just won’t have a roof like you would with a tailgate.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.2/5

  • Ram Promaster City Camper

    This is your typical MPV/van style body – not seen as much in the US, where the biggest everyday cars are usually family style 7 seaters like the Chrysler Pacifica, Grand Voyager etc. Because of its lighter body, the Promaster offers a slightly better MPG. But it’s still not the biggest in terms of boot size. The cargo (panel van) version will give you the biggest boot and, (despite what Ram’s official website says), I strongly believe that the MPV (wagon) version will give you less boot space. The seats, additional storage and upholstery in the back have to take off some of the boot width, height and length, there’s no way around that. I’d expect the wagon boot size will be similar to the Ford Turneo Connect, which is also its closest rival.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.2/5
  • Dacia Dokker Camper (Van)

    Shorter but taller, not a bad option for a DIY camping conversion, but you’ll find better ones in our database.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.0/5