mercedes citan dimensions - Mercedes Citan dimensions & versions (L2, L3 - panel van, MPV)

Mercedes Citan dimensions & versions (L2, L3 – panel van, MPV)


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Find out the exterior and interior dimensions of various versions of Mercedes Citan.

The Mercedes Citan is based on the Renault Kangoo body but offers better trim / comfort levels and a refined engine.

There are various versions and sizes:

  • 2020 range
    • Panel Van (2 seats)
      • L2 – 4.321mm total length
      • L3 – 4.705mm total length
    • Tourer (5 seats)
      • L2 – 4.321mm total length

According to Wikipedia, there’s a compact version too (total length 3.937mm), which would be very unsuitable for car camping – too short!

  • Wheelbase 2,697 mm (106.2 in)
  • Length
    • 3,937 mm (155.0 in) (Compact)
    • 4,321 mm (170.1 in) (Long)
    • 4,705 mm (185.2 in) (Extra Long/Dualiner)
  • Width 1,829 mm (72.0 in)
  • Height 1,809 mm (71.2 in)

Mercedes Citan dimensions diagram:

Mercedes Citan Panel Van (2 seats) & Mercedes Citan Tourer (5 seats) official brochure

With exterior and interior dimensions, trim options, version comparison, consumption and much more.

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