Pick of the month: The Shampervan – a very well thought through DIY Sharan camper conversion

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This month I have stumbled upon a real gem for DIY microcamper enthusiasts. It’s a Sharan thoughtfully converted into a very comfortable microcamper for one with many awesome features and ideas.

Although this Sharan camper is full of good ideas that you can use even if you don’t convert it all the way as the author Anthony Welch did.

What I love about this DIY Sharan camper conversion:

  • the window blinds solution – a clip-on rail is a good idea. Or you could replace the rail with glued on velcro (which I’m going to do with my Sharan as don’t yet want to drill holes into it 🙂
  • the wiring & control panel
  • the map! 🙂
  • the passenger seat is facing the other way – a one-person lounge 🙂 (although it’s a swivel seat that comes as a factory option, not part of the DIY job).
  • simple folding table

These might come in handy...

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cshow - Pick of the month: The Shampervan - a very well thought through DIY Sharan camper conversion
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It’s certainly a conversion you can spend good time in – combined with a good car tailgate tent, you don’t need anything bigger. The Sharan’s consupmtion is good (see my Sharan review here), it’s inconspicuous – a caravan is always seen and you can’t just park anywhere. But a Sharan is easy to ignore as just a car parked for the night.

I’m sharing the pictures with the author’s approval.

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