SUV tent - What car camping gear to take with you?

What car camping gear to take with you?

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Camping gear I personally use

I have listed various items below, but here are my top personal picks that I carry on every camping trip. They add another level of comfort (or are absolute necessities).

A car camping tent (SUV tent) – extend your living space:

My top picks (see full review here)

I go camping with my girlfriend and dog and this tent is more than enough.

MY TOP BUDGET PICK – Decathlon Arpenaz Base M

Lukas Cech –

arpenaz base m berlingo2 - What car camping gear to take with you?
If you don’t mind it’s not meant to be used as a car tent – but it actually can do the job pretty well, you’re in for a treat – at only 129.99 GBP / 139.99 EUR, you will get a pretty good tailgate tent – or a side door tent, you can make it fit both. Better for cars like Caddy, Berlingo, Sharan etc – with lower height compared to a Multivan (as most car awnings are made for those). Confirmed to fit a Berlingo & Kangoo too, barn doors as well.
– Very cheap!!
– Height : 2.15 m | Floor area: 6.25 m2 | Comfortable for 6 people
– Openings on 3 sides | 3 mosquito nets
– Waterproof (200L per hour per m2)
– Packed size – rectangular cover | 57 x 18 cm | 18 litres
– Weight 8kg
– Easy set-up with a free-standing structure | Fibreglass poles
– The fabric filters UV radiation with a UPF of 30
– Withstands force 6 winds – around 50 km/h | Wind tunnel test
– doesn’t need a rail to be attached
– will not fit exactly as it’s not meant to be used with a car, but should do the trick – the opening is high enough for the tailgate or most barn doors + the sheet will protect from rain.

129.99 GBP / 139.99 EUR


Car tent for bigger families or even longer camping trips:

Inflatable luxury for 6 people (3 bedrooms)
+ 170cm opening for any tailgate

Fits MPVs, SUVs, Bedrooms:140×210 cm | Stand-up living room:
7,1 sqm with zipped basin groundsheet
Fresh fabric: reduces heat inside your tent in the sun
I’d recommend this one for bigger families or even longer camping trips for 2 people – if you want to have more room or prefer an easier setup.

4.4/5 from 350+ reviews

A foldable camping table – to eat from, cook, play games

You can sleep in your car, but if you don’t have a camping box fitted with a table – you’ll want some flat surface to put your coffee/tea/beer on. And breakfast, lunch, dinner. And cards or any other table game. And your portable cooker. Well – there’s plenty of need for a camping table + chairs. Make sure it’s a foldable one!

I have bought this one – it’s the smallest I’ve found (including 4 chairs) and pretty light. Works well for 2 and I’d say even more people. The chairs are basic – no backrest, I’m probably going to buy 2 bigger ones. But the table is still great – you won’t find any better at this price – 39.99 GBP.

Small, foldable and sits 4 with plenty of space for food preparation
foldable camping table and chairs BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK

Need a dedicated cooking area you can fold away when finished?

Foldable kitchen unit
foldable camping kitchen unit BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK

Stay fit – portable exercise equipment

Exercise works best if kept regular – no need to stop if you are going camping – I carry these little helpers with me on every longer camping trip. You can find out more about them in my full portable camping exercise equipment review + other items I recommend.

Resistance bands

I personally use and can vouch for this 3-pack from at £4.99
3.8/5 from 2800+ reviews
resistance of 5-6-7 KG

Suspension trainer (TRX)

I personally use and can vouch for this suspension trainer from at £14.99
4.5/5 from 1700+ reviews

Gymnastic rings

I personally use and can vouch for these rings at £24.99
4.5/5 from 400+ reviews

Other camping gear I carry with me

Camping gas stove

Need something more robust?

Aeropress coffee maker

Because there’s never a good time for bad coffee! Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness.

aeropress - What car camping gear to take with you?

I100 Women’s Short Wellies – Green

Lightweight wellies which are easy to put on and pull off. The non-slip sole with lugs provides a good grip on muddy ground, and they can be washed inside and out. They dry quickly too. Available for men as well.

i100 womens short wellies green - What car camping gear to take with you?


Because there’s always something to fix.

leatherman - What car camping gear to take with you?

More camping gear you might want to take

Car camping cooking stoves & sink/hob combo


(the URL will link to Amazon best for your country, despite the prices being in GBP)

Storage nets for car camping

…because there’s never enough storage space 🙂

Car camping other useful gear

Car / SUV tents & awnings

Extend your living room + shaded area

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