DIY microcamper conversion Feb 2021: Volvo V70

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“…and we’re ready to rock’n roll” in the words of the author of this DIY car camping Volvo V70 conversion into a microcamper.

Volvo V70 is not a bad candidate for car camping – it’s somewhere in the middle on our 30+ best cars for camping list. It offers a pretty long trunk for an estate – 194cm with the seats down and good comfort level for driving.

What I like about this Volvo V70 microcamper (stealth) conversion

  • a very clever solution for a hidden sink + hob. (find some small sinks to fit your car here or check out the kits to the right).
  • simple insulation that will certainly help in 10 degrees and fewer nights
  • utilizes the car trunk’s flat surface + only extends the lowered seats surface
    • + cool hint about the seat rest flaps (for dog guards) to use as securing systems for the car bed extension
  • very minimalistic – if you don’t do the sink (it’s a hidden bonus, not a necessity)

Check out the whole series that goes more into detail of the entire conversion.

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