xbus camper - XBUS camper
xbus camper - XBUS camper

XBUS camper

The Xbus brings a new take on a small camper bus/people carrier. Its main competitor is the VW ID Buzz, albeit the Xbus leads with its modular base and configurable components. It is a very promising concept that has gained over 1.5 million EUR in crowdfunding in 2021 and I’m sure will lead the way of electric camper vans in years to come.

The Xbus is not for everyone – it is being developed with environmental and economic credentials as the brands’ main priority, therefore some compromises in terms of how many people it can carry or top speed need to be made. But I am sure it will find its place in many people’s hearts. I am definitely looking forward to it! The company behind the XBUS (ElectricBrands) has hired 13 new employees in 2022 with the work on Xbus underway, albeit with possible delays because of the unprovoked attack on Ukraine by Russia. BTW, the Xbus Camper is the most sought-after variant of the Xbus (in the private sector). Campers know what’s good, especially nimble campers! 😉 That’s also the reason, why the company has decided to build the camper as their next test vehicle that they will take to shows and exhibitions to collect feedback. Real images (not mockups) to follow soon. Watch this space!

I have estimated the interior dimensions, but as the vehicle is a camper by design, it can’t be compared fairly to other MPVs. I am giving it a 4.5/5 rating for now, as it’s looking to be a great camper, but will adjust this accordingly as more information surfaces.

This car’s boot is 210 cm long ⤢, 140, 85 cm tall ↕, and 130 cm wide ↔.

NimbleCamper rating: 4.5/5

Body type


Boot length (cm)


Boot height (cm)

140, 85

Boot width [wheel arches] (cm)


Engine type

Available in

Boot door type

EV Range (km)


Made in


Plug type


NimbleCamper rating (out of max 5)

  • Launch date: 2024
  • Estimated price at launch: from 29.480 € / £29,727(1, 2)
  • Standard & Offroad versions
  • Electronically controlled 4-wheel drive recuperating electric motors and output of > 1,000 Nm torque
  • consumption: 10 kWh battery / range 200km (city, 140km mixed) or 30 kWh/600km extendable (each new battery module adds 25km city range)
  • 220V charging port (3hrs to 80%) or upgrade to get a fast charging port 11KW Type2 to charge up to 80% in one hour
  • Solar Roof (4.1m2 in 3 combined solar panels up to 800W per hour)
  • Pop-up roof
  • Energy Recuperation
  • Keyless Entry & Go
  • Camping module (top – extendable roof + rear)
  • Manual sliding rear windows (great if you are parked with keys out of the fob and need to open/close the window)
  • Couch surface approx. L210cm – W130cm
  • Space-saving kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and hotplate
  • TV, fresh water tank
  • 2x USB and 2x USB-C slots in the front
  • Full specs & equipment
  • 95% recyclable – “We developed the XBUS with the vision of being one of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles on the market. This is not only measured in terms of the pure emissions while driving but also in the context of production and recycling
  • confirmed to be produced in the Netherlands

Some images credit: CrownXbus.co.uk and Electrek.co

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Frequently asked questions

Initially EU only, the target is to sell the Xbus worldwide (USA, South America, Middle East, Asia).

Yes, it can, it will come with a right-hand wheel drive of course.

It’s expected to be 60Mph / 96Kmh

Up to 3 people including the driver. Although it has 2 seats in the front and 2 in the back – let’s wait for further official info to become available.

No, all you need is a standard car licence.

It depends on the version you choose. Each version has 2 variants – standard and off-road, the latter adding about 1.700 GBP / 2.000 EUR to the price. The Standard Base model starts at € 17.380, the standard Camper being the most expensive at € 29.480 or € 31.680 off-road version.

No, at the moment there are no plans to sell the Xbus in the US or Canada.

XBUS interior dimensions

I have estimated the sleeping area height and the closed kitchen roof (in normal driving position) height using the model below and presuming that green figure is 180cm tall.

  • Exterior length (cm): 395
  • Exterior height (cm): 196
  • Exterior width (cm): 163
  • Wheelbase (cm): 220
  • Sleeping length (cm): 210 (with extended pull-out bed section at the back) and estimated 80-85cm high
  • Bed width (cm): 130
  • Pop-up roof height (cm): 220 (kitchen area) and estimated 140cm with the roof in normal position
  • Sleeps 2 people (and quite possibly a dog…)

 Xbus Camper videos & walkthroughs

International information and distribution

Where can you see the Xbus next?

Check out the Xbus Roadshow page for future dates: https://electricbrands.de/en/roadshow/

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