id buzz modular furniture camping box 4 - ID Buzz Cargo camping conversion with aluminium modular kits

ID Buzz Cargo camping conversion with aluminium modular kits


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The ID Buzz hasn’t had a chance to deplete its first battery charge and it already has a camping box / modular furniture that will easily turn it into a camper. These boxes are displayed in a VW ID Buzz Cargo and are built in the UK (The Gower, Wales) by design and outdoor enthusiasts, and best mates Carwyn and Matt.

In their own words:

Best mates, colleagues and adventure buddies Carwyn and Max have been designing and making small spaces for years, from campers and caravans to lorry trailers and shipping containers this pair have converted it!

Carwyn and Matt –
outlandishcampers - ID Buzz Cargo camping conversion with aluminium modular kits

The entire kit is made up of smaller units that connect to each other and slide into the floor which can also house bikes, boards and tools. They are built using 20x20mm aluminium extrusion profiles – lightweight and durable.

 The complete “Dawn starter” kit content

  • a floor system
  • a sit-and-store box
  • a panelled box
  • a kitchen
  • a second sit-and-store section
  • a bed system (the bed slides out of the walls)
  • floor rails that keep all these in place (recommended to be fitted by a professional)

The complete “Dawn starter” kit price: £1,995

Delivery time 4-6 weeks – free UK shipping or pickup available.

If you are not interested in the full kit, you can always buy separate sections or smaller versions of it, like the Base starter kit.

Best of all – you decide which section goes where and can shuffle it around as your camping needs change. This is a feature that makes this kit a must-have for ID Buzz Cargo owners. It is the first lightweight modular interior for the ID Buzz 🤙🏼

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My guess is that the kit will also fit a Multivan – but better check with the makers.

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