fat berta camping conversion skoda yeti 1 - The best DIY camping conversion plan ever? Camping box + tent + mozzie nets...

The best DIY camping conversion plan ever? Camping box + tent + mozzie nets…

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There’s a tasty treat in here for all you DIY enthusiasts out there! I’ve come across the best instruction manual for a DIY camping conversion I’ve seen so far. It’s for Renault Kangoo and Skoda Yeti, but it will only take a few adjustments to fit it into any MPV. If that wasn’t enough, I’ll throw in a very juicy Berlingo camping conversion too…

The best (not only) Skoda Yeti DIY camping conversion manual ever!

It is called “Fat Berta” and you’ll love it. There are two versions:

How to sleep in Skoda Yeti?

fat berta 1 - The best DIY camping conversion plan ever? Camping box + tent + mozzie nets...
original image by the author Dtextor

There are videos, diagrams, drawings and plenty of pictures with detailed instructions – it really is the most detailed conversion I’ve seen so far (and I tried to be as detailed as possible in my Sharan camping conversion manual too…).

Big thanks to the author – “Dtextor“.

🏆Best cars for camping 🏆

Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸
3.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆
  1. Fiat Doblò camper XL, High Roof 🇪🇺 4.0/5
  2. Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸 4.0/5
  3. Volkswagen Sharan 🇪🇺 3.9/5
  4. Caddy Maxi Camper (Life) 🇪🇺 3.8/5

See all cars in our database, their boot dimensions and more ➡️

It doesn’t stop at a camping box/bed either – you’ll get more:

  • how to create a mosquito net for the tailgate from an old tent
  • + window mosquito nets
  • + thermal window screens
  • + privacy front screen
  • + back door (tailgate) spacer

No wonder it won so many competitions:

More about Skoda Yeti for camping

Boot length and other dimensions for camping, consumption, camping conversion images…

Berlingo 1 person camping conversion step by step

GB Camper Conversions will show you how to build a 1 person camper kit including a kitchen into your Berlingo.

What I like about the conversion:

  • simple enough for anyone with some DIY skills and standard tools to make
  • you can choose which bits you’ll use or leave out (not everyone needs a kitchen top – how about making it a 2 person bed instead)

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