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  • Toyota Prius camper

    The Prius gives you unmatched consumption whilst still boasting a good-size boot for a station wagon/estate body type, even with the battery being in the boot. So if you are looking for a low-fuel cost car that you still can sleep in, the Toyota Prius is a very good choice.

    NimbleCamper rating: 2.8/5
  • Audi A4 Avant Camper

    You can sleep in the back of the Audi A4 Avant easily – even without any camping conversion – the rear seats fold down flat, tilting upwards slightly, which is ok for sleeping (might depend on the model). It’s long enough if you only put a mattress down (not too thick), and it’s also tall enough to sit on your bed. But of course, it’s still an estate – not as big, especially not as high in the boot as MPVs.

    NimbleCamper rating: 2.8/5

  • Volvo V60 Camper

    The Volvo V60 is a very reliable and safe car. It offers an average size boot for a typical estate/station wagon (combi) body type and slightly higher consumption than other estates.

    NimbleCamper rating: 2.8/5