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  • EU/UK

    XBUS camper

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢210Width ↔130Height ↕140, 85

    The Xbus brings a new take on a small camper bus/people carrier. Its main competitor is the VW ID Buzz, albeit the Xbus leads with its modular base and configurable components. It is a very promising concept that has gained over 1.5 million EUR in crowdfunding in 2021 and I’m sure will lead the way of electric camper vans in years to come.

    The Xbus is not for everyone – it is being developed with environmental and economic credentials as the brands’ main priority, therefore some compromises in terms of how many people it can carry or top speed need to be made. But I am sure it will find its place in many people’s hearts. I am definitely looking forward to it! The company behind the XBUS (ElectricBrands) has hired 13 new employees in 2022 with the work on Xbus underway, albeit with possible delays because of the unprovoked attack on Ukraine by Russia. BTW, the Xbus Camper is the most sought-after variant of the Xbus (in the private sector). Campers know what’s good, especially nimble campers! ;) That’s also the reason, why the company has decided to build the camper as their next test vehicle that they will take to shows and exhibitions to collect feedback. Real images (not mockups) to follow soon. Watch this space!

    I have estimated the interior dimensions, but as the vehicle is a camper by design, it can’t be compared fairly to other MPVs. I am giving it a 4.5/5 rating for now, as it’s looking to be a great camper, but will adjust this accordingly as more information surfaces.

  • EU/UK

    Hyundai Staria camper

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢242Width ↔125Height ↕136

    Hyundai Staria is the Multivan of MPVs – swivel seats with configurable positions, it comes in either a 6 or 9-seat version. It trumps the Multivan in consumption – not by a huge margin though.  A big car for sure – the seats can be folded down giving you almost 2.5m legroom. The irony is though (the same as with a Multivan) that you are paying a premium for those luxury seats, only to then hide them under a mattress (or you’ll have to remove them to get some storage space for your camping gear). Albeit you could sleep on those reclining middle seats for a few nights too. Or go for the van (cargo) model – it’s a bit longer and taller + you can make it your own + it’s cheaper. It’s labelled as an MPV, but really, it’s just like a Multivan, not like a Caddy. We may see these categories blend somehow in the future…

    As this car spans two categories: MPVs and People Carriers – I’d rate it as follows: 

    • MPV rating: 4/5
    • People Carrier rating: 3.7/5

  • EU/UK

    VW ID Buzz camper

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢220Width ↔122Height ↕118

    This post gathers information about various versions of the ID Buzz as they become available. Latest update – 12. February 2023 – added the ID Buzz Cargo boot length, width and height.

    The king of camper vans received an electric upgrade. Actually, not just electric – the interior is looking very cosy and spacious too, as less room is needed for an engine + all its moving parts – which are now all underneath the cabin. The multifunctional rear seats + table and swivel front seats make it a very versatile car to camp in. And we do like a lot of space in our campers, don’t we!
    The double floor + rear seats folding flat to create a surface for a mattress look very handy – compared to a Multivan, where you have to level the seats with something.

    The ID Buzz Cargo version’s official dimensions are now available (1), making the electric small van one of the top campers in the People Carrier / Panel Van categories. If its boot was just a bit taller, it would take the first slot, but it’s overtaken by Fiat Doblo High Roof or the Hyundai Staria Cargo. However, it still offers plenty of room, a modular interior and of course – it’s 100% electric.

  • EU/UK

    VW Multivan Camper

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢225Width ↔150Height ↕132

    The Multivan is for you if size, versatility & looking cool are your main criteria (and you can afford it – it costs 3x as much as an MPV like a Sharan, but it isn’t 3 times better for camping – it is a cult car that offers a lot of space in a relatively small package, with the added bonus of being able to move and turn the seats and table around as you please + fold them down into a bed. But they can also get in a way and sometimes it’s necessary to remove them to take full advantage of the boot’s size. And you’ll have to get some kind of camping box or a bed to sleep comfortably and make the most of the sheer space. The Multivan is a bit of a cult car and keeps its value even with very high mileage (300K+) and 10+ years of age, so be prepared to pay the price. There aren’t as many DIY Multivan camping conversions – precisely for the reasons outlined on this page, in short – it’s almost the most expensive car of the range where you are paying for flexible seats that you would take out anyway for a DIY conversion. But there are plenty of manufactured camping boxes that you can carry in the boot (behind all the rear seats) and extend when camping (see image gallery for some examples, with and without the rear seats). But then, you can do that in the cheaper Caravelle too, so make sure you know why you’re paying up for a Multivan. Overall, a Multivan can be a great camper – but not out of the box. If you just want to try car camping out, you’ll be better off with a much cheaper MPV that you convert to an occasional camper. And if you like it and decide to commit to car camping, you can try out a Multivan with a camping extension.