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  • Hyundai Staria camper

    Hyundai Staria is the Multivan of MPVs – swivel seats with configurable position, it comes in either a 6 or 9 seat version. A big car for sure – the seats can be folded down giving you almost 2.5m legroom. The irony is though that you are paying a premium for those luxury seats, only to then hide them under a mattress. Albeit you could sleep on those reclining middle seats for a few nights too. Or go for the van (cargo) model – it’s a bit longer and taller + you can make it your own + it’s cheaper. It’s labelled as an MPV, but really, it’s just like a Multivan, not like a Caddy. We may see these categories blend somehow in the future…

    NimbleCamper rating: 4.0/5

  • VW ID Buzz camper

    The king of camper vans is getting an electric upgrade. Actually, not just electric – the interior is looking very cosy and spacious too, as less room is needed for an engine + all its moving parts – which are now all underneath. The multifunctional rear seats + table and swivel front seats make it a very versatile car to live in. And we do like a lot of space in our campers, don’t we!
    The double floor + rear seats folding flat to create a surface for a mattress look very handy – compared to a Multivan, where you have to level the seats with something.

  • XBUS camper

    The Xbus brings a new take on a small camper bus / people carrier. Its main competitor is the VW ID Buzz, albeit the Xbus leads with its modular base and configurable components. It is a very promising concept that has gained over 1 million EUR in crowdfunding in 2021 and I’m sure will lead the way of electric camper vans in years to come.