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  • Air Seconds Base Connect – Inflatable car tent


    Don’t like fiddling around with poles? This inflatable car tent might be the right choice for you then (note that it does require a separate pump). It’s made to connect to cars and vans, you can also buy an additional bedroom section to put inside. This looks like Decathlon’s first venture into real car tents (as so far, it was unintended – they built tents that happened to fit cars too). It’s also 10cm taller than the Arpenaz Base M. The sheet + poles make joining it to your car even more flexible. It has two large openings on opposite ends, giving you a choice of which side you’ll attach to the car. Key benefits:

    • versatility – fits most MPVs – tailgate or side-door, you can connect it from two ends
    • good quality – tested in long rain, strong winds, it holds up pretty well (relatively to the price)
    • easy to put up/down


  • Arpenaz Base Fresh car tent


    With 9m2 space, it’s one of the biggest on offer. It might lack the cover sheet when attaching to a car, but at this price it still is a good option + you can buy a cheap sheet in any DIY store. Key benefits:

    • price – big & one of the cheapest car tents on the market at this quality/usability
    • usability – fits most MPVs – tailgate or side-door
    • good quality – tested in long rain, strong winds, it holds up pretty well (relatively to the price)


  • Arpenaz Base M car tent


    A long-term favourite for many people I’ve spoken to or judging by many comments in car camping forums. (FB groups like Berlingo campers only, Small Vehicle Campers etc). See my in-depth review and some of their testimonials. Key benefits:

    • price – no cheaper car tent on the market at this quality/usability
    • usability – fits most MPVs – tailgate or side-door
    • good quality – tested in long rain, strong winds, it holds up pretty well (relatively to the price)
    • easy to carry and put up/down


  • Bedroom extension for Air Seconds Base Connect


    Create a private & mosquito-free space inside your car tent with this adaptable bedroom extension. Can also serve as a private dressing “room” during the day. Very quick to fix and takes very little space.

  • Dometic Auto AIR Eco Drive away Awning 2022


    Dometic ECO Auto AIR Awning 
    The Dometic Auto AIR is designed for use with passenger cars, SUVs and MPVs. It fits conveniently to the rear or side of your vehicle. This versatile, drive-away awning features lightweight 150D ripstop polyester, woven with recycled plastic bottle yarn, and a sturdy Single-Point inflatable AIR Frame. 

    • Width: 2600 mm 
    • Depth: 2350 mm 
    • Height: 2300 mm 
    • Weight: 22.06 kg 
    • Min weight: 18.16 kg 
    • offers a 365 days return policy

    Mesh panels – Zipped mesh panels site behind the doors and windows, adding comfort in hot weather.  
    Integrated Canopy – A large sun canopy adds shaded space for dining and relaxing. Canopy poles included  
    Zip-in bathtub groundsheet – The zip-in waterproof groundsheet can be pegged down for step free access or toggled up to prevent insects accessing the awning  
    Fitting Height – 150 – 200 cm

  • Dometic HUB Air Modular Shelter


    This car/suv tent offers very cool design and I love the versatility – fits SUVs, MPVs and campervans. You can pitch it freestanding on the beach, on-site with your camper or as valuable shelter when off-roading with your 4×4.
    Best feature is the ability to REMOVE (unzip) ALL 4 WALLS – making it an awning + tent in one!

    You can then further modify it with accessories: add an annexe, mesh panels, wall panels and connection tunnels to suit SUVs and campervans. Single point inflation Air Frame technology and QuickPitch straps ensure you are pitched and ready to enjoy the outdoors in no time.

    • Width:230cm
    • Depth:230cm
    • Weight: 13.8kg
    • Attachement Heigtht: 180-210cm (fits tailgate as well as side door, MPV, SUV, Multivan)
    • Doesn’t need a rail to be attached
    • Windows have mosquito nets
    • Airframe™ – Single Point Inflation AIR Frame awnings inflate entirely from just one external inflation point, creating an exceptionally strong structure
    • All walls are removable
    • offers a 365 days return policy
  • Kampa Tailgater Drive Away Awning


    This car/suv tent (awning) combines good quality and a low price. Being specifically made for SUVs and MPVs (or pretty much any car), you can rest assured that it will fit your camper. Easily drive off when needed, then connect it back to your car. On top of all this, it’s much lighter than many other car tents.

    A universal fit awning for vehicles with a rear tailgate such as SUVs, MPVs, crossovers, large estate cars and pick-up trucks fitted with a hardtop. Weathershield™ 68D material ensures lasting durability and easy handling. Simply clip-in the optional two-berth inner tent to accommodate guests. Easy to attach and disconnect, conveniently zip close the Tailgater while you go out and explore.

    • Width: 240cm
    • Depth: 240cm
    • Connection Width: 160-220cm
    • Connection Height: 160-210cm
    • Height at Front: 225cm
    • Weight: 11.15kg
    • Pack Size: 69 x 25 x 25cm
    • offers a 365 days return policy

    Weathershield™ 68D – Super lighweight Weathershield™ 68D offers the fastest set-up, take-down, and the smallest awning pack sizes. Highly weather-resistant, this easy to handle polyester offers exceptional value and advanced protection against UV degradation.
    Cable Entry Points – For added convenience, all awnings have zipped cable entry points for 12v and mains cable access.
    Fibreglass Frame – Durable fibreglass poles are simple to set up and greatly reduce the net weight of the tent.
    Wet Weather Entrance – Provides sheltered access to the tent and prevents rain running in when you unzip the door.