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  • Nissan e-NV200 camper – Combi

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢204Width ↔122Height ↕136

    Boasting one of the tallest boots out of electric MPVs, this is one of the best EV Campers you’ll find. Boot length isn’t the best (albeit still over 2 meters, so good), meaning you’ll be giving away leg room for more headroom.

    It also offers better interior and drive comfort compared to its combustion engine counterpart. What would improve its NimbleCamper rating further? Even higher cabin and drive comfort and longer boot. To get the most out of the e-NV200, go for the Acenta trim, which will help you maximise your range. It comes with a rapid charger, battery heater and cooler, cruise control and air conditioning.

  • EU/UK

    Nissan NV200 camper

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢204Width ↔119Height ↕135

    The Nissan NV200 is a very spacious car for its size. It is one of the tallest and offers a lot of headroom for a DIY camping conversion. Where it lacks behind is drive and interior comfort. It’s not a vehicle you would choose for long journeys – but of course, if you are not used to the comfort of higher class MPVs like a Sharan or your previous car, this won’t be a problem. It will get you there and you’ll be happily camping in its big boot, especially if you want to do your own DIY camper conversion or buy a camping box. For a simple conversion (not putting many storage options in) it doesn’t offer many built-in storage compartments in the back, you better come up with some good solutions yourself.