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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could try before you buy? Well – you can’t exactly try here, but this page will let you at least take a peek before you buy – see how the seats and boot look folded down on many suitable car camping cars. Before I bought my Sharan, it took me forever to find out which car is best for car camping – how does it look in the back, is the boot big enough? Does it have any storage compartments useful for camping? How do the seats work, do they fold down, are they removable?

I have collected these images during my research and I keep adding new ones as I go – hope they will help you find the right car for your camping adventures :).

Hey – before you continue

I built an updated version of this page – a database of campers that’s
very easy to filter by boot length, width, consumption and more…

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this page – there are more cars here, but it’s a bit harder to navigate + less detail. I’m in the process of migrating all cars from here to the new database.

I’ll keep the gallery updated as I go and discover new cars and get my hands on new photos and measurements.

Do you have a photo of a car that is missing? Send it to us and we’ll add it.

Use the table of contents to find the car you’re after, or simply search by pressing CTRL+F and type in the car model:

Boot dimensions & boot seat options gallery of best cars for camping:

Volkswagen Caddy, Touran, Sharan, Passat – boot dimensions & boot images with seats folded

Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, Fiat Doblo, Vauxhall / Opel Combo boot dimensions & images with seats folded

Ford C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy – boot images with seats folded & dimensions

Volvo V60 / V70 – boot images with seats folded

Subaru boot measurements

Subaru Forester 2016 measurements:

A- rear gate width at bottom of gate 101.6cm / 40″
B- cargo width by rear gate 129.5cm / 51″
C- cargo width by rear gate including side storage bins 127cm / 50″
D- cargo width between wheel wells 107cm / 42″
E- left rear seat width 40,6cm / 16″
F- right rear seat width 63cm / 24.75”
G- cargo with top of wheel wells 119.4cm / 47″
H- rear gate width in middle 109.2cm / 43″
I- rear gate width at top 96.5cm / 38″
J- angle from left rear cargo hook to front of right rear door with passenger seat folded down 203cm / 80″
K- angle from left rear cargo hook to front right (passenger side) cargo hook, with seat up 132.7cm / 52.25″
L- width of gate opening from lower left to upper right 128.3cm / 50.5′
M- cargo floor length to back of rear seats 86.36cm / 34″
N- height of rear seat 44.5cm / 17.5″
O- cargo door height 89cm / 35″
P- cargo floor length to center dash console 259cm / 102″
Q- height center of floor to ceiling 81.3cm / 32″
R- cargo floor length to top of rear seat folded down 152.4cm / 60″ (not to back of front seat, see V)
S- height to bottom of cargo area luggage cover (not shown) 42.5cm / 16.75
T- height to from rear of wheel well to the bottom of the window 52cm / 20.5″
U- length to rear of wheel well 35.5cm / 14″
V- cargo floor length to back of front passenger seat moved all the way forward and upright 200.7cm / 79″

Measurements thanks to Joe Spitz –

Subaru Outback 2018 measurements:

A- floor length rear corner to opposite front corner of cargo area 150cm / 59 1/2″
B- floor length rear corner to opposite front of rear door 226cm/ 89 1/2″
C- floor length with to top of seat folded flat 165cm / 65″ (doesn’t include headrest)
D- floor length to back of front console 193cm / 76″
E- floor length to front console ac/heater controls 272cm / 107″
F- floor length to back of seats 104cm / 41″
G- gate lower corner to opposite upper corner 128.3cm / 50.5″
H- floor length passenger side rear corner 35.6cm / 14″
I- floor length drivers side rear corner 38cm / 15″

not shown:
height ground to top of rear bumper cover 69.8cm / 27.5″
height ground to cargo floor 73.7cm / 29″

1- gate width at floor 100cm / 39 1/2″
2- gate height at opening 89cm / 35″
3- floor maximum width from side to side 132cm / 52″
4- floor width between wheel wells 106.7m / 42 3/4″
5- gate width middle of opening, with power gate 111.8cm / 44″
6- driver side rear seat width 40.6cm / 16″
7- passenger side rear seat width 66cm / 26 3/4″
8- width on top of wheel wells 129.5cm / 51″
9- rear seat width from rear door armrest to armrest 134.6cm / 53”
10- cargo floor to ceiling by rear dome light (almost in the middle of the ceiling) 74cm / 29 3/4″
11- gate opening width at top of opening 97.8cm / 38 1/2″

not shown:
height ground to top of rear bumper cover 69.9cm / 27.5″
height ground to cargo floor / 29″

Measurements thanks to Joe Spitz –

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