Nissan NV200 camper

The Nissan NV200 is a very spacious car for its size. It is one of the tallest and offers a lot of headroom for a DIY camping conversion. Where it lacks behind is drive and interior comfort. It’s not a vehicle you would choose for long journeys – but of course, if you are not used to the comfort of higher class MPVs like a Sharan or your previous car, this won’t be a problem. It will get you there and you’ll be happily camping in its big boot, especially if you want to do your own DIY camper conversion or buy a camping box. For a simple conversion (not putting many storage options in) it doesn’t offer many built-in storage compartments in the back, you better come up with some good solutions yourself.

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  • Car type: MPV/Minivan
  • Make: Nissan
  • Folded seats boot length (cm): 204 (van or passenger with seats removed, 156 with seats folded & lifted up)
  • Boot height (cm): 136
  • Boot width (cm): 150 (2nd row doors) / 122 (trunk / wheel arches)
  • avg MPG (UK): 30(1) – (but different sources say different things (I’ve found 40+mpg too))
  • avg l/100km consumption: 9.4(1) (again – real world data suggests a range between 6 and 11)
  • EURO NCAP safety rating (2014) – 3/5
  • ADAC rating (lower = better) – 2.8/5
Our Nissan NV200 car camping rating 3.1/5.0
Standard rating (not focused on car camping): rating (Electric version): 4/5 • rating (Electric version): 2.5/5 • (standard version): 3/5 • rating (Electric version): 3/5 • rating: 3.5/5

Average rating: 3.2/5

ADAC rating 2.8/5 (lower = better)
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