Skoda Roomster camper

Although there are quite a few Skoda Roomster campers, it’s not the best car for the job – it’s too short (although you can push the front seats forward and put in a whole 180cm camping bed, you are sacrificing storage space + can’t drive with the bed set up). The only thing that saves the car is a slightly higher boot than a standard estate car. It’s not an expensive car, but that shows in the interior & drive quality. It’s a good choice compared to a VW Golf, but not compared to a Caddy, Peugeot Grand Kangoo (closest in the price range to a Roomster) or a Ford Galaxy.
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  • Car type: MPV/Minivan
  • Make: Skoda
  • Folded seats boot length (cm): 150 (180 with front seats pushed forward & tilted)
  • Boot openning height (cm): 100
  • Boot width (cm): 100 (127 – 2nd row of seats)
  • avg MPG (US): 34
  • avg l/100km consumption: 6.9
Our Roomster car camping rating 2.6/5

Standard rating (not focused on car camping): rating: 3/5 • rating: 4/5 • rating: 3/5
Average rating: 3.3/5

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