Minimal & simple DIY Skoda Roomster camper conversion

How to sleep in your car - DIY

This is a hidden gem for Skoda Roomster owners. A simple enough DIY conversion that gives you plenty of storage room and a good double bed to sleep in. Note that Skoda Roomster doesn’t fit our boot length criteria (at least 1.7m), but this conversion can be adapted to any car with a similar seat structure (f.e. VW Caddy). Even comes with a PDF manual (in German) – thanks to the generous author of the conversion. And using this conversion in a Roomster actually does create more than 1.7m sleeping length – so even if the car is shorter, this conversion makes up for it. (See our Skoda Roomster camping review for more details on that).

This conversion is handy for those, who’d like to keep the rear seats in place (just folded down). This sits well with our criteria #3 – it’s reversible and portable. You can have a standard car turned into a camper in minutes, then back.

What I like about this Skoda Roomster minicamper conversion:

  • Sleeping area length 1.98m (to achieve this, you have to push the front seats all the way to the front and lift the backrests up)
  • sleeping area width 1m
  • the entire camping box can be taken out in one piece
  • once you have the camping box built, it takes only 2 minutes to set up and remove
  • total cost – just under 200€

Original post – Skoda owners forum

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Check out our review – focusing on car camping of course. It is shorter than we’d like… but… could it still be a good candidate for car camping?

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