Caddy camper conversion diy 205 - Converting a VW Caddy? A very clever DIY VW Caddy camper conversion / camping box (boot jump)

Converting a VW Caddy? A very clever DIY VW Caddy camper conversion / camping box (boot jump)

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VW Caddy is itself one of the best medium cars (small camper vans) for car camping. It’s #1 on our list of best medium cars for car camping. Converting a VW Caddy isn’t hard – this post will show you a very clever and simple VW Caddy Maxi camper conversion kit you can create for your Caddy. This solution will give you a good storage room underneath the bed and is easily reversible, which we value here a lot! (Meaning you can easily switch between Caddy camper/bed and Caddy a standard car with back seats. From all the solutions I’ve seen, I find this is one of the simplest solutions out there – everyone can do it. It’s as simple as my VW Sharan car camping conversion here dare I say! 🙂

The solution comes from Reiner Beck @ – just a single post about this DIY Caddy car camping conversionhomemade camping box/boot jump, that is easily lost amongst the multitude of their travel and outdoors posts.


All the author needed was this:

  • 3pcs wooden boards (blockboards), 58×112 cm, 22mm thick
  • 3pcs plywood 120×40 cm, 16mm thick
  • hinges/fittings (7 hinges 42x80mm, 6pcs screw-on brackets, 1m cord)
  • M8 x 60 or 8x40mm screws for wood at the top (bed)

The resulting bed surface is 179cm long, which is just about the right length for a comfortable sleep (if you’re about 180cm tall).

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🏆Best cars for camping 🏆

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  1. Fiat Doblò camper XL, High Roof 🇪🇺 4.0/5
  2. Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸 4.0/5
  3. Volkswagen Sharan 🇪🇺 3.9/5
  4. Caddy Maxi Camper (Life) 🇪🇺 3.8/5

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You’ll need some standard DIY tools – electric screwdriver, drill, a saw.

The rest you can gather from the authors gallery below.

What I love about the Caddy Camping conversion kit:

  • very easy to hide away + can stay in the car (so you have both – a camper and a normal car always ready when needed)
  • no need to remove middle seats (again, it’s always ready for camping, as well as driving the family around)
  • it’s not as tall as typical camping boxes – which I find great as most camping boxes have too much storage leaving not enough room for your head… and cost 15x as much too.
  • not expensive at all – just wooden boards and a few hinges, very likely under 70 EUR
  • simple enough to build
  • you can turn it around and make a sofa out of it 🙂

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The best budget car tent you can find:

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More DIY Camper conversion plans – adjustable for Caddy:

fatberta camping box plan - Converting a VW Caddy? A very clever DIY VW Caddy camper conversion / camping box (boot jump)
This Renault Kangoo + Skoda Yeti DIY car camping conversion comes with detailed drawings and diagrams that you can easily adjust to fit your Caddy

+ as a bonus, you’ll find a manual on how to create mozzie nets out of an old tent or thermal window screens

camping conversion plan berlingo roomster kangoo - Converting a VW Caddy? A very clever DIY VW Caddy camper conversion / camping box (boot jump)
Skoda Roomster DIY car camping conversion – very minimal, therefore easy to adjust for a Caddy:
caddy camping box diy5 - Converting a VW Caddy? A very clever DIY VW Caddy camper conversion / camping box (boot jump)
And another Caddy DIY Camping box – this one is more complex, but comes with great diagrams and detailed measurements:

What do you think? If you’re going to attempt this build / conversion, share some photos in a link in the comments below!

Enjoy the ride (and the sleep!)

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VW Caddy (Maxi) Camper
(top pick for size)

One of the biggest – small cars, best suited for car camping conversions. Find all about that here – dimensions, review, images, gear, useful links.

VW Sharan Camper
(top pick for size+comfort)

Spacious and great comfort. Choose the Sharan/Alhambra if you plan long drives and want comfort.

Citroen Berlingo (top pick for DIY conversions)

Top pick for DIY conversion enthusiasts according to our survey. Cheaper, no problem to drill holes into 🙂

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