A very clever DIY VW Caddy camper conversion / camping box

How to sleep in your car - DIY

VW Caddy is itself one of the best medium cars for car camping. It’s #2 on our list of best medium cars for car camping. You don’t need to do much with it if it’s just an occasional trip – just remove the rear seats, lift the back seats and put a mattress down. But what if you want to use your Caddy as a camper more often? And store some gear under your bed? I’ve found one of the simplest solutions out there – everyone can do it. It’s as simple as my VW Sharan car camping conversion here dare I say! 🙂

The solution comes from Reiner Beck @ Tramposito.com – just a single post about this DIY Caddy car camping conversion, that is easily lost amongst the multitude of their travel and outdoors posts.


All the author needed was this:

  • 3pcs wooden boards (blockboards), 58×112 cm, 22mm thick
  • 3pcs plywood 120×40 cm, 16mm thick
  • hinges/fittings (7 hinges 42x80mm, 6pcs screw-on brackets, 1m cord)
  • M8 x 60 or 8x40mm screws for wood at the top (bed)

The resulting camping box / bed is 179cm long, which is just about the right length for comfortable sleep (if you’re about 180cm tall).

You’ll need some standard DIY tools – electric screwdriver, drill, a saw.

The rest you can gather from the authors gallery below.

What I love about the setup:

  • very easy to hide away + can stay in the car (so you have both – a camper and a normal car always ready when needed)
  • not expensive at all – just wooden boards and a few hinges, very likely under 70 EUR
  • simple enough to build
  • you can turn it around and make a sofa out of it 🙂

What do you think? If you’re going to attempt this build / conversion, share some photos in a link in the comments below!

Enjoy the ride (and the sleep!)

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