touran camper by Robert 4 - Touran DIY Camping conversion by Robert

Touran DIY Camping conversion by Robert

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One of my readers was kind enough to share his 2019 VW Touran DIY camping conversion. The Touran is a smaller version of the Sharan, but still a well-sized MPV. You can compare both here or check their details: Touran camperSharan camper. Let’s dive into the conversion, shall we?

As per the author’s own words:

Thank you for a very nice and complete compact camper website. I think in 2023, more than ever, people will stay away from big RV’s and just settle for the car they use daily.  I’m attaching a few photos of my “camper car” (a 2019 VW Touran) which is a little bit smaller vehicle than most cars on your site. I’ve seen alot of builds where it is not possible to sit up in bed, or cook without getting mosquitoes inside. That’s not something I would encourage. If anyone is interested in the details or if somebody needs help building something simular, you are welcome to drop me a line!

The reason Im sending this stuff now is that I’m changing cars soon (using your website as a very useful guide) and will have to take everything out.

Robert – VW Touran Camper

What is included

  • The shelf is made from aluminium 20×40 and 20×20 mm B-type profiles from Don’t forget to mount screws on rubber feet to secure it sideways…
  • Wire storage baskets are from Elfa (Hornbach have them, at least in Sweden). Some cutting and bending might be necessary if they don’t fit perfectly 🙂
  • Cooler/freezer (16l) is made by Isothem ( Runs on 12V and has good holes for mounting.
  • Battery (regular AGM 70 Ah) and (regular) battery box were purchased in Biltema (Like Wickes/Hornbach/Obi in other countries). Various electronics/sockets/cables mounted inside and outside the box are from Biltema (Like Wickes/Hornbach/Obi in other countries) and other sources.
  • The solar charger/regulator is a Victron MPPT 100/20.  
  • The solar cell is a regular 310 W roof panel from LG.
  • Regular roof rails (aluminium, slots should support M8 screws).
  • Fans (4) are from Amazon (USB-powered, with a built-in lithium battery just in case). The author uses them just to cool himself and the passenger, much needed and makes all the difference for sleeping comfort in the summer months. 2 blow on the face and 2 blow from the feet and up.
  • Window mosquito/sun screens are from
  • The weather station is a Hama EWS-Trio (external sensor mounted behind the grille).
  • The hitch basket and box are from The table legs are from IKEA (and require a small modification below the box).
  • The tent (not shown in photos) is a CLAM Traveller 180×180 cm (unfortunately not sold in Europe but better and faster than Decathlon tents).
  • The levelling blocks and tent bed (not shown in photos) are from Biltema (Like Wickes/Hornbach/Obi in other countries).

What I like about this camping conversion

  • sleeps two
  • as per the author’s words above – he kept it low so that you can sit inside without hitting your head, which requires a different storage solution – a storage shelf above the bed (legs, when you sleep). Pretty clever as that space is not used much + when you sit, you have it all within your reach.
    • everything is fixed and held in place, so you can drive with the setup as it is.
  • an external storage case that also works as a table + kitchen top (I’m not sure about the safety restrictions here – each country might have different ones, make sure to check them)
  • solar panel + battery + fridge and interior electrics

Have any questions or comments regarding this camping conversion? Write a comment below and the author will respond to you here 🙂

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