dacia logan camper camping conversion 4 - Sleeping in a Dacia Logan sedan: a simple camping conversion

Sleeping in a Dacia Logan sedan: a simple camping conversion


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Despite its relatively small boot, find out how to sleep in the Dacia Logan. You can actually fit two adults into the improvised bed, without too much hassle or hard DIY skills. This simple conversion will also fit most other sedans too.

The idea is simple and so is its realisation – the rear seats of the Logan fold down but not completely flat. This means you can sleep there but your head and back will be at an angle – higher than you are used to. Imagine sleeping in a lounger with the backrest almost flat down, but not all the way.

But the folded seat surface, albeit at an angle, is still flat – meaning you can use it to extend the sleeping surface towards the front seats – the author of this conversion mentions 180cm in length (but possibly more if you push the seats forward even more) and 120cm width at the wider side (middle doors) and 100cm in the boot.

Use standard 1cm thick and 50cm wide plywood boards for the extension over the folded seats (1) and thicker plywood over the boot (2)

And of course, you have to keep in mind the boot cover – unlike the Dacia Logan hatchback, the sedan has an additional cover on top of the boot, just behind the seats. You need to cover its edge with something soft – insulation foam tubes are good for that purpose. (3)

This area will serve well as your night table or a shelf.

dacia logan camping sleeping conversion - Sleeping in a Dacia Logan sedan: a simple camping conversion

Once extended, support the overarching plywood with improvised legs – they will probably hold themselves in place without any screws, or you can build a simple base (nest) for each leg on the plywood just by creating a square out of the plywood leftovers to house the leg. This will keep it in place when fidgeting around at night. Alternatively, you can use a simple hinge on each leg.

dacia logan camper camping conversion 3 - Sleeping in a Dacia Logan sedan: a simple camping conversion

Make the boot floor flat and lined up for sleeping with the thicker plywood. You can join two pieces together or leave them separate – it’s up to you. When separate, you will have to lift one or the other at a time. When joined, you will be able to lift them both and keep them in place with a single support leg.

The plywood will need some support when flat – you can either build a simple frame or just get plastic or wooden crates with the required height from your local hardware store. See the ones I used in my Sharan sleeping conversion as an example.

dacia logan camper camping conversion 4 - Sleeping in a Dacia Logan sedan: a simple camping conversion

It is recommended to upholster the plywood with something non-slippery and comfortable – so that your mattress will stay in place better as it will be on a tilted surface. It should support itself towards the boot door, but still – you don’t want to feel like sliding down all night.

Pick a comfortable mattress (not too thick and definitely not a standard inflatable bed) – see good car mattress solutions here. I find these inflatable sleeping mats very good too.

Throw in your favourite pillow and a good sleeping bag, a headlamp or a camping lamp (red light is good at night – easy on the eyes and doesn’t attract mozzies as much) and enjoy the freedom! 🙂

To enjoy a good coffee and a good meal or prepare a good barbecue, this camping chair, a foldable camping table (with chairs inside) or a foldable camping kitchen might come in handy. Oh, and a cool box for the drinks! Cheers!

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