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Dacia Duster camper – DIY

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A great example of camping in a Dacia Duster – a DIY camping conversion. For a small car, the Duster offers much more than you’d expect!

Dacia Duster is a bit shorter than your typical camping car (people usually choose Berlingo and its copies – Combo, Partner, Kangoo etc, Caddy or a Sharan – see our car table with dimensions and camping suitability rating), but despite that it offers 176cm long boot with rear seats folded and an acceptable 90cm boot height.

You have to push both seats forward in order to gain a 180cm+ sleeping room. This isn’t a big problem, but you will lose some storage space on the front seats.

According to Whatcar.com it’s an OK vehicle, the 2010-2018 model receiving 2/5 stars and 2021 facelift 3/5 stars. According to Autoexpress.co.uk, it offers great value for money, receiving 4/5 stars (2021 facelift model, but according to the review, it’s predecessor deserves the same praise too):

The Dacia Duster offers such excellent value for money, you have to wonder why you’d ever spend the extra on a more expensive model. It’s not the most inspiring car to drive, and the interior is lacking in sparkle, but in just about every other respect the Duster is able to hold its own in an increasingly competitive market.

The PROs of a Duster Camper are mostly in its ability to take you offroad – it offers a generous 205mm ground clearance (compared to 152mm on a Sharan or 145mm Berlingo). You should definitely go for a 4×4 model to make the most out of this.

And here’s how a DIY camping conversion of a Duster looks like – DIY Duster Camper

See it in action in this car owners camping trip documentary:

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