Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans

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Read on to find the best collection of DIY camping conversion plans suitable for a Berlingo and other similar cars. Although it’s not the most comfortable car to drive, it makes up for it with its suitability for camping conversions – a Berlingo Camper might be just what you are looking for – especially if you plan a DIY conversion. It’s a cheaper and lower quality build, but that also means you don’t mind going a bit more DIY crazy as you would with a more expensive car. And its boot is pretty tall and long (especially if you opt for the long version).

No wonder many people seem to choose the Citroen Berlingo for their DIY camping conversion. This post contains my favourite videos of how other car camping enthusiasts converted their Berlingos into campers + a collection of the best camping conversion manuals I’ve gathered over the years.

I’ve picked DIY conversions in various price ranges, sorted from the cheapest – showing you that you can do a lot with this car no matter what your budget is.

Over time, I have collected other DIY conversions that you can easily apply to your Berlingo too:

DIY Camper conversion plans – adjustable for Berlingo:

fatberta camping box plan - Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans
This Renault Kangoo + Skoda Yeti DIY car camping conversion comes with detailed drawings and diagrams that you can easily adjust to fit your Berlingo: (Kangoo is very similar to a Berlingo)

+ as a bonus, you’ll find a manual on how to create mozzie nets out of an old tent or thermal window screens

camping conversion plan berlingo roomster kangoo - Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans
Skoda Roomster DIY car camping conversion – very minimal, therefore easy to adjust for a Berlingo:
Caddy camper conversion diy 209 - Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans
This one’s for a Caddy, but it’s pretty simple and can also be easily adjusted to a Berlingo:
caddy camping box diy5 - Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans
And another Caddy DIY Camping box – this one is more complex, but comes with great diagrams and detailed measurements:

Alasdair’s DIY Challenge after seeing how expensive campingboxes are – 100 GBP (118 EUR)*

These might come in handy...

...and you'll help keep this website going too - thanks! 🙂

The best budget car tent you can find:

Confirmed to fit: Sharan, Touran, Berlingo, Caddy, Partner, Kangoo, Combo
At around 100 GBP - 120 GBP, it's a bargain that does the job of a 300+ GBP tent

See my full review + video here arpenaz base m car tent BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK
Or see my full review here

4.2/5 stars
- Clean water tank up to 50 uses - tank capacity: 16 litres - a seat with antibacterial coating, a lid and a tank that prevents odours and mould

portable toilet £89.99 - BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK
cshow - Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans
Small, foldable and sits 4 with plenty of space for food preparation
foldable camping table and chairs BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK

Lewis’ (his dog and Rosie’s) Berlingo camper just below 1700 GBP (2000 EUR) – a very cosy conversion 🙂

*he doesn’t mention the price in the video, but he does mention 100 GBP in one of the comments below’s Berlingo camping makeover

They don’t mention the price, but from the look of things, this was probably more than 1700 GBP or close to that.

AdVANture’s Berlingo full monty – if you want to have it all

Citroen Berlingo camping PROs and CONs

  • good size – especially the long / XL version (182-217cm, depending on model), but even the standard version is pretty tall (100-120cm, depending on model), easy to sit in even when converted to a camping car at the back
  • easy to maintain, no expensive or hard to get parts
  • cheap to run – about 6.3l/100km (37MPG)
  • very good price on models up to 10 years old
  • sliding middle doors
  • front passengers’ backrest (and middle rear seat) folds down to create a table!
  • because it’s a cheaper build, you don’t mind doing more DIY things to it…
  • newer models (from 2020):
  • have good front overhead storage
  • rear seats fold down completely (but don’t have the table I mentioned above) – no need to remove them
  • some models have awesome roof windows
  • cheaper build, low drive & interior comfort
  • noisy to drive
  • cheaper materials & insulation (thinner walls)
  • might need more maintenance and upkeep
Vanlife testdrive? Why not!
Rent a camper here
?c=33088&m=1785527&a=410606&r=&t=html - Citroen Berlingo Camper DIY conversion plans
Inflatable luxury for 6 people (3 bedrooms)
+ 170cm opening for any tailgate

Fits MPVs, SUVs, Bedrooms:140x210 cm | Stand-up living room:7,1 sqm with zipped basin groundsheet
Fresh fabric: reduces heat inside your tent in the sun

6 person inflatable tent £549.99 - BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK
SUP? Paddle for the entire family (max load 320kg)

Inflatable paddle board for any weight: less than 60 kg: ultra-stable board - 60 to 80 kg : very stable board - over 80 kg: ideal board for easily starting out

stand up paddle sup BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK

4.3/5 stars

ebike £999.99 - BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK

A seat that backs up as a table!!

What adds to the usability of the Berlingo is the fact that the middle back seat and the passenger’s front seat backrest can be folded down and turned into a table – very useful and not available in many other cars:

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