Pick of the month September: Caddy Maxi DIY camping box


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I’ve dug out another gem for Caddy owners (the first one being this) – a very detailed instructable on how to make your own DIY modular camping box – measured to fit Caddy Maxi (our #1 car for camping).

The author “thomasfannes” took a lot of time to draw a 3D model of the camping box in SketchUp – which he generously shared in the instructable. It’s a .skp file – you need SketchUp to open it. But even without the file, there’s plenty of images and details to follow to build your own camping box.

To give you a taster, here are a few images of what you can expect (these don’t cover all the steps, for that, see the full instructable – link at the bottom).

The camping box includes

  • plenty of storage space
  • drawers for water , gas cooker and more
  • a fold up table to eat comfortably inside
  • huge space for sleeping
  • plenty of headroom left

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The DIY manual inlcudes:

  • camping box measurements & how to put it all together
  • how to make & fix your own curtains
  • how to fix the camping box in place

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