Mini Cooper camper – DIY camping conversion

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Yes, you read that right! It’s possible to sleep in the Mini Cooper – all you need is to remove the front passenger’s seat and install a wooden panel as the bed base. Thanks to a user in a FB group, who shared his DIY Mini camping conversion.

The toilet is optional. 😀

Sleeping space length

I couldn’t find any interior measurements, but based on my calculations using some exterior measurements, you should be getting about 1.6m in length (probably 1.7m diagonally) – not bad for one of the smallest cars around! Easy to ride through the cities, easy to hide later and enjoy a starry night. On your own, though, two people will find it hard to sleep in there. (It is possible though – we slept in a Fiat 500 on the front seats for 5 days on Mallorca. Not the most comfy, but what wouldn’t an explorer do, eh?)

What is the deal with needing to have a toilet in all the small campers anyway… You are probably not going to sleep in a city. If you’re camping in or near a forest, all you need is a good camping shovel. Takes much less space and is much less hassle.

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