touran camper diy 2 - VW Touran DIY camping conversion under 100€

VW Touran DIY camping conversion under 100€


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The Touran strikes a good balance between a small car, comfort and camping potential. It offers VW quality and a good-sized boot. If you don’t want a bigger car like VW’s Sharan or Caddy, the Touran is a good choice. This post will show you a simple DIY camping conversion you can do under 100 EUR.


  • 12cm plywood (the owner of the conversion shown in the images used OSB board as they are cheaper, but I’d advise against that – they leave a lot of woodchips and sawdust in the car that’s hard to get rid of + are heavier and rougher).
  • 4x hinges (called “pant” in the image, in Czech language)
  • old carpet or false grass carpet (optional)
  • A Decathlon sleeping mat for window covers (optional)

The idea is that you can keep your rear seats inside, just fold them down and put the camping platform on top of them. You’ll gain good storage space below, in the boot, and about 1m wide (at wheel arches) and 1.8+m long sleeping area. When not needed, you can fold back the bit that goes over the seats and use the seats as you would normally.

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