Best DIY small cars to campers conversion videos – Microcamper: Dec 2020

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It always amazes me how creative folks who like car camping are – so many ways one can turn a standard car into a camper and sleep in it! Here are some of the best conversions in my opinion, that fit our simple car camping criteria.

Turn your Van/Bus into a Camper featuring VW Touran

By Mechanical Rhino – who is quite handy with all kinds of random DIY challenges

What I like especially:

  • simple enough – take the seats out, bring the rack in, put a mattress on it – and you’re done
  • the rack requires a good bit of DIY skills, but it’s still pretty minimalistic
  • clever tricks like the boot door safety lock to keep it ajar 🙂
  • removable camper conversion – it keeps the car as it is – no hardcore irreversible conversion (where your car is only a camper, not a 5 seater anymore)

Ford Galaxy DIY Campervan Conversion

by Will’s Whereabouts – who really puts the #microcamper to the test!

What I like especially:

  • simple enough – use of standard wooden crates for storage under a simple enough rack (not taking into account the additional wiring & battery, that’s more advanced, but not a requirement)
  • the racks doubles up as a sofa too!
  • clever tricks like the down to earth but multi-functional window curtains from linen mesh

And here’s my one! I don’t have a video though… Just this shameless plug-in 😀

WV Sharan (5 seater) reversible microcamper:

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