galaxy single rear seat camping conversion - Ford Galaxy camping conversion ideas & plans (S-Max too!)

Ford Galaxy camping conversion ideas & plans (S-Max too!)


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When it comes to Ford Galaxy DIY camping conversions (or Ford S-Max), there’s no shortage of all kinds of creative options people use to sleep in their Ford. I’ve taken some time to collect some of the best DIY camping conversions, ranging from the simplest ones to true DIY masterpieces.

Despite Ford Galaxy not being the biggest, it still ranks quite well in our everyday camping cars list, together with its more luxurious S-Max cousin. They are both not as big as some other MPVs, however, they balance that out with better safety and comfort ratings. They score 3.1/5 (S-Max) and 3.0/5 (Galaxy) on our NimbleCamper scale.

Ford Galaxy camping conversion using a foldable sofabed

Don’t like too much DIY? Then this one’s for you – take a typical foldable sofabed, stick it in the boot, fix it in place, put some plastic storage boxes underneath and you’re good to go – very good if you want to test out sleeping in your car, but don’t want to spend too much money or time on a conversion:

DIY Ford Galaxy camping conversion by Manfred Kleinschwärzer

This camping conversion does require you to possess some DIY skills and tools – but it’s still not a very complex one. Could make for a nice weekend away from whatever you do regularly. It leaves room for your own customisation too – you don’t have to do the boxes in the exact same way, the construction is key, and the storage can be adjusted to fit your needs.

All you need is some plywood, some timber, some screws and DIY tools.

According to the author of this conversion, it cost 350 EUR altogether. This presumably includes the finishing touches you see on the last pics (including a 1.2x2m mattress from Ikea or a 40 EUR awning) – which many will already have at home or you can replace them with cheaper alternatives (see car bed mattress alternatives), so the cost can be brought down further. Timber is not that expensive, and neither are the screws.

“The square timbers correspond to the dimensions 55 x 30 millimeters. The plastic storage boxes under the lying surface have the dimensions 40 x 35 x 25 centimeters (L x W x H) are loaded from the left rear door and pulled out again with a short wooden stick with a hook – ceiling screw hooks were used here.”

See original post here.

Ford Galaxy camping conversion – keeping the rear seats in

In this video, the author “Exploring Yorkshire and the UK” shows you in steps how to change your Ford Galaxy into a camper without having to take the rear seats out. I did something similar with my Sharan 5-seater camping conversion for under 110 – the camper is always ready… and so are all 5 seats, I can easily switch between them.

What I like about this conversion:

  • fairly simple even if you are not a DIY master
  • cheap
  • keep the seats in
  • curtains included 🙂
  • good storage options
  • final result looks great!

Or just keeping one seat in?

This is an interesting take on a camping conversion – where most choose to cover both rear seats or remove them, this idea keeps one seat in and removes the other. Why would you do that? How about in order to have a comfy seat next to a long table (when you fold the bed away). Being able to sit in the back of the car and enjoy your coffee, meal or work on your laptop is not usually possible with most DIY conversions. This one tackles that problem very well.

Original post here.

Advanced Ford Galaxy camping conversion

Up for a challenge? Here’s a conversion by Will’s Whereabouts that will require a wider range of DIY skills, including some electrical. But the final result might just be worth it.

You’ll find plenty of detailed videos on Will’s channel, including his cheeky stealth camping expeditions (in London too!).

And finally, if you don’t fancy doing it yourself – Egoe Nest camping box “Camper” is confirmed to fit Ford Galaxy too:

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  1. These ideas are brilliant I’ve got a tourer but as the kids are becoming adults I’m thinking back to the days my dad putting a mattress in the back of a cortina estate and no more towing but also with an snax can use it everyday

    1. Hey Scot, yeah, things were done in a much simpler way back then! The Cortina had a very wide and flat boot, perfect for any mattress 🙂

  2. Thanks for the valuable info. provided on website.
    Does anyone know of a pop top which can be fitted to 2014 mk2 Galaxy without reducing passenger safety (ncap) rating, please?