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Laptop desk / tray ideas for your car


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Do you need to work on your laptop when travelling? This post lists a bunch of ideas on how to work from your car comfortably. Or eat, drink, even draw – whatever you fancy doing on your trip :).

Back seat car office desk

This one is from Patrick Scott Timmins:

Steering wheel desk (tray)

This one is handy for the laptop as well as for eating lunch. Easy to put up and down again. Easy to DIY as all you need is good hard plywood, sandpaper and a jigsaw. Cut an opening big enough to fit 20% of the wheel and you’re good to go. Not suitable for big laptops though! You can also find some ready-made ones on eBay, or by Googling “steering wheel tray”.

There are various versions – top of the wheel, bottom of the wheel, a tray that’s more for reading or drawing etc.

Hanging car table

Handy for the outside of the car – use it for cooking, eating, drinking or a quick job on the laptop.

And here’s an interior version:

hanging car table - Laptop desk / tray ideas for your car

Telescopic leg foldable car desk

This one is the easiest to stow away + make – take any suitable board and fix a telescopic let onto it + fix it to the seat using a hinge (if you have a solid surface in the middle of the seat rest) or an “L” style steel, wooden or aluminium profiles on both sides.

car office desk laptop - Laptop desk / tray ideas for your car

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