dacia jogger camper kit 3 - Dacia introduces its own Jogger Sleep Pack - a Jogger camping box

Dacia introduces its own Jogger Sleep Pack – a Jogger camping box


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Dacia, the car manufacturer, seems to be very camping-friendly. First, they have introduced the Jogger – an MPV/SUV cross that is quite good for camping and now they have added their own camping box: the Jogger Sleep Pack.

Dacia Jogger Sleep pack: An original camping set that turns your car into a camper.

Or rather a campervan, which will be appreciated especially by people with an adventurous spirit and the need to sleep anywhere in nature or in campsites. I must add that sleeping in a car is a great thing and brings extra freedom in terms of travelling, wherever you go.

Dacia noticed this trend and prepared a simple, but well-designed sleeping set for its customers, which is easy to install and provides enough space not only for sleeping but also for luggage. The Sleep pack (the first accessory from the new InNature series) is a set made of plywood, which is sufficiently strong and also resistant to water.

It is a modular element, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble and Dacia claims that the installation itself takes only a few minutes. The set weighs less than 50 kilograms and is installed in the trunk, while the third row of seats has to be removed and the second row must have folded backrests. The advantage is that even if you have a sleeping set in the trunk, you can travel in a 5-seat configuration (e.g. 2 adults and one child in the back).

After setting up camp, such a three-member crew can fit on the bed with dimensions of 190 x 130 cm, maybe even a four-member one :). The actual bed width of 130cm is actually very impressive for such a car.

The front seats need to be leaned forward in order to fully extend the sleeping platform, which reduces the storage area in the front but gives you a nice long sleeping platform.

I like that it doesn’t need additional supports in the front and uses the full width with the pull-out sides. This is a clever way to maximize storage space. Or you could remove the middle row of seats for much more storage space.

The only drawback is that it lacks a kitchen drawer, but you can still cook with the big table at the back.

Once the bed is unfolded, there is 60cm of space (headroom) between the bed and the ceiling. The trunk is fully occupied by this box, but the good news is that it is a box in the true sense of the word, so you can use it to store things needed for camping or regular travel. It offers only 220 litres of storage space, but it’s still more than nothing. In addition, the two-part doors of the box serve as a table, on which you can cook, eat and so on. Let me add that in addition to the box itself, you can also order original dark curtains for the windows for additional privacy.

See the sleep pack in action in this video:

How much is the Jogger Sleep Pack?

The Jogger Sleep pack costs 1,490 EUR when bought together with a new car or 1,790 EUR standalone.

This might seem expensive but the price is actually average for a camping box. Taking into account the fact that it fits the car perfectly as it is made by the car manufacturer, it is actually a good price.

If you build such a camping conversion yourself, you can save a lot of money, but it’s hard to achieve this level of perfection and usability.

Jogger owners who love an adventure can benefit from Dacia’s first new accessory launched as part of the InNature range. The clever new Sleep Pack turns the Jogger’s spacious interior into a bedroom for two in a matter of minutes. Going camping has never been so easy!
Sleep Pack is simple, removable and affordable. It is compatible with all Dacia Jogger trim levels and features a 220-litre storage box that can be accessed with the double bed unfolded or folded. Dacia’s ingenious thinking has once again been applied with Sleep Pack being able to be set up unassisted in less than two minutes, requiring only the removal of the third-row seats.
To keep things simple and easy, the whole pack weighs less than 50kg – making it effortless to remove – and when set-up with its generous 190cm x 130cm mattress, it still offers a surprising 60cm of headroom, limiting the chances of anything going bump in the night. In the morning, the pack can be quickly folded away before setting off on another adventure.
If even more sleeping space is needed, a smart tent is also available that can be connected to the Jogger’s open tailgate, while blackout blinds for all windows offer privacy and light control.
The Sleep Pack and other InNature accessories will be available to order at the same time as a new Dacia Jogger or can be easily added at any time separately.


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