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Dacia Jogger camping boxes

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Freshly out of the ehm, oven, the Dacia Jogger seems to be a promising, low-cost SUV & MPV cross that also seems to offer a lot for car camping. This post lists the latest camping boxes that are confirmed to fit your fresh new Dacia Jogger.

Dacia’s own Jogger Sleep Pack

Dacia has produced their own camping box for the Jogger, called Sleep Pack. It’s part of their InNature series that also includes a car tent and more camping accessories for the Jogger.

Key benefits:

  • 190 x 130cm sleeping area
  • 220l storage
  • 50kg total weight
  • you don’t need any support above the middle row of seats
  • the middle row of seats can stay in, so you have a 5-seater and a camper in one. Or you could remove the middle row of seats for much more storage space.

Egoe Nest “Camper” camping box for Jogger

Czech designer camping box maker Egoe Nest have an existing camping box – the Camper, that fits the Dacia Jogger nicely – just take the very last row of seats out.

Images are taken from original post on Auto-mania.cz.

UK’s Campal “Estate” camping box for Jogger

UK’s Campal has a camping box that also fits the Jogger according to their website. Pictures aren’t available though.

Spanish Camperiz.com offers a camping box for the Jogger too

Neatly named “La Camperization” (for any car, not just the Jogger).

jogger camping box camperiz - Dacia Jogger camping boxes

This isn’t just a simple box you put into the box mind you – there are some modifications needed, so it’s not likely you can order it over the internet without taking your car into the Camperiz workshop and getting it delivered. Better ask directly at camperiz.com, but it seems it’s more of a camping conversion than just a box. Find out more in this video – see a specific seat legs modification at 4:55 for example. (I’m actually not sure whether it’s a Camperiz modification or it’s built in the Jogger itself though).

Jogger camping box from Vanable.de

According to dacianer.de forum users, this setup costs 1558 EUR including shipping. You won’t find this box specifically saying it’s for Jogger on vanable.de – better write to them and ask about it. (As of July 2022).

Flip Camping box – possible fit, please check

The Flip camping box fits a VW Touran, so should fit a Jogger too, they are very similar in terms of boot size. Although the Jogger’s seats fold differently, so better to ask before you buy.

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