grand scenic 2012 DIY camping conversion - Renault Grand Scenic DIY camping conversion under 130 EUR

Renault Grand Scenic DIY camping conversion under 130 EUR


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This simple conversion is a good way to test whether you will enjoy car camping or not. Or whether you want to do a more advanced conversion later. All you need is a double bed grill, some hinges, and legs – you could make them out of wood or buy ready-made legs from a DIY shop.

You can easily decide on the height – depending on whether you’d like more storage space underneath or more headroom above.

Just add a foldable mattress – or two (you can find it in Lidl or any home & garden shops for around 30 EUR a piece).

What I like about the conversion

  • lightweight
  • easy to make as you are only adjusting the bed grill, no need to create the whole bed yourself
  • can purchase all of the other parts too (legs, mattress, hinges)

Images courtesy of Rastislav Capliar

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