Camper evolution: Texino’s Atrium camper van

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Texino is a US camping conversion company that “builds thoughtful, innovative products intended to help more people get outside” They pride themselves on fabricating nearly every aspect of their vehicle conversions in-house and use good quality materials. Sounds pretty good to me! Their offer includes 3 good-looking camper vans and their latest concept that caught my eye – the Atrium camper, dubbed “

It’s built on the Mercedes-Bens RWD 170’’ wheelbase Sprinter Dually Chassis powered by a 4 or 6 cylinder diesel motor. Its focus is views – being able to see your surroundings from the inside of the camper van. As we all know, you are usually boxed in with smaller windows. Not with the Atrium – it boasts submarine-style windows across the entire back and more skylights and round windows dotted around the interior.

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cshow - Camper evolution: Texino's Atrium camper van
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It also comes with its own, custom fabricated mechanized hatch door, electrical system with off-grid HVAC powered by solar and lithium-ion batteries (600 watts of solar and 600 amps of lithium-ion batteries to power HVAC, induction stovetop, water pump, and interior and exterior lighting).

Inside, you’ll enjoy custom-built interior, dining and sleeping areas, for example, a massive banquet table that converts into a king-sized bed. Custom cabinetry made from eco-friendly and durable Richlite. Natural Corkoleum flooring.

And of course, a bathroom with a shower, sink and a toilet.

Read more about it on texino’s website.

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