microcamper diy camper conversions - A Nissan Versa stealth camper - indistinguishable from any other car

A Nissan Versa stealth camper – indistinguishable from any other car


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We’ve focused on stealth camping in the last post and this one is going to complement it with good examples of stealth campers – some surprisingly small yet full of space 🙂

A tiny Nissan Versa camper – a stealth camper for the minimalists!

The author Joey White (@joeywhitedesigns) made sure this car’s limited space is utilised to the last bit and he made a good job out of it.

What I like about this conversion:

  • using a lot of the space inside the car for storage or room to sleep (including the passengers seat area)
  • left 2 seats in (one for driving, obviously :D, another at the back for an office / kitchen 🙂
  • plenty of storage, clever solutions for such a small car
  • includes a sink with running water and electricity!!
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  1. I just switched from a Doblo * damaged by an irate driver who did not like my grey hair. Just acquired Berlingo with camping box where rear seat was. Current CCC insurers have refused to insure my “motorhome”. CC club uses A plan. Adrian Flux tried to cheat me. Anyone any success. 12 years ncd not considered.

    1. Hi Caroline,

      sorry about your bad experience. This tends to differ for each insurance company, so best thing to do is to talk to a few of them and pick the one that seems best. Adrian Flux tend to have good reviews by other campers, not sure what “tried to cheat me” means here.