microcamper diy camper conversions - Microcamper pick of the month: Stealth campers - indistinguishable from any other car

Microcamper pick of the month: Stealth campers – indistinguishable from any other car

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We’ve focused on stealth camping in the last post and this one is going to complement it with good examples of stealth campers – some surprisingly small yet full of space 🙂

The first one is a tiny Nissan Versa – a stealth camper for the minimalists!

The author Joey White (@joeywhitedesigns) made sure this car’s limited space is utilised to the last bit and he made a good job out of it.

What I like about this conversion:

  • using a lot of the space inside the car for storage or room to sleep (including the passengers seat area)
  • left 2 seats in (one for driving, obviously :D, another at the back for an office / kitchen 🙂
  • plenty of storage, clever solutions for such a small car
  • includes a sink with running water and electricity!!

VW Golf stealth camper – taken to another stealth level!

You wouldn’t be able to tell if someone is sleeping in this car even if you had a suspicion. Very neatly masked by it’s author A freedom project.

🏆Best cars for camping 🏆

Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸
3.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆
  1. Fiat Doblò camper XL, High Roof 🇪🇺 4.0/5
  2. Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸 4.0/5
  3. Volkswagen Sharan 🇪🇺 3.9/5
  4. Caddy Maxi Camper (Life) 🇪🇺 3.8/5

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What I like about this conversion:

  • nice walkthrough of his DIY process
  • good use of car window rain shields
  • clever stealth curtain in the middle of the car so that no one can tell what’s going on in the back + your feet sticking out are under a black blanket, which could be anything – bags, material etc.

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