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Berlingo camper – DIY no build camping conversion

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Citroen Berlingo is definitely the most often converted car into a camper. You can find many Berlingo custom camping conversions on YouTube or just by browsing the web. But what if you don’t want to drill holes, put floors down and learn how to insulate? Fellow camping enthusiast Ack Lin from the Small Vehicle Campers FB Group has you covered… Check out this simple no-build Berlingo camping conversion (easily applicable to any MPV or pretty much any car).

What do you need:

  • cubical storage boxes with a hard lid – you can find many options in all furniture shops or online. Cubical shape will make them easy to arrange.
  • A foldable mattress (sun lounger liners are good), or something like these:
  • Some material to line the floor of the car – no need to go overboard, even a blanked or a good carpet, cut to measure will do

And they you can just play around with the arrangement:

The benefit of having everything in those cubical storage boxes is that you can move them around as needed – use them as a table, store them on a pile to keep them out of the way.

I have used wooden crates in a similar fashion in my 5-seater Sharan camping conversion (although they are under a hard-flat bed surface out of plywood, so I don’t move them around).

Quick & easy camping table inside the car:

This is from a different author, but you can install it easily in any car too. It’s probably better suited for MPVs with more headroom and it will give you a good surface area, especially for rainy days when you can’t sip your cuppa-tea outside!

More no-build conversions and handy tricks:

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