rav4 diy camper 9 - DIY Toyota RAV4 camping conversion for £100

DIY Toyota RAV4 camping conversion for £100

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Can you sleep in a Toyota RAV4? Of course you can. Here’s a quick and cheap way to convert your Toyota RAV4 into a camper. And when you’re done here, head to our Toyota RAV4 Camper page to see more posts and images and learn how to make the most of it when camping.

Key highlights of this Toyota RAV4 camping conversion

  • easy to make
  • easily convertible to other SUVs or everyday car campers
  • stays in the car without getting in a way too much – no need to take out
  • insulation and upholstery are optional. The insulation might not do much, perhaps it keeps your back a bit warmer. The upholstery keeps it tidy, is nicer to look at and stops you or anyone else from getting splinters.
  • I’d recommend using thinner pieces of wood – these might be a bit too much, thinner pieces will still hold very well. But perhaps those are the ones that the creator of this conversion had laying around (I know this from my own conversions… you try to reuse whatever you have first)
  • the edges of last two boards / plywood have been cut – probably to be able to reach a door handle or the door storage compartment. You probably don’t need to do that, unless you really want to 🙂

Images courtesy of Vciky Hay

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