tiny van 1 - Tiny-Van: A french camper for teenagers without a driver's license

Tiny-Van: A french camper for teenagers without a driver’s license


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There is a camper in France, which can be driven by a person from the age of 14 and without a driver’s license. It is, of course, not a full-fledged motorhome, but the overall concept is very close to it. They are offered by a company based in Cholet and with accessories made to measure by a small company from Perpignan.

The vehicle is called Tiny-Van. The size of everything is of course reduced, as is the equipment, but on board there is a small kitchenette with a stove and a removable refrigerator, a water tank with a pump, a sink, a faucet (also used for showering). All this is complemented by a bench with cushions and storage spaces. Do not look for a toilet here.

The vehicle is strictly a two-seater. There are two places in the cabin, the living area can accommodate a maximum of two people, and two places to sleep.

tinyvan 2 - Tiny-Van: A french camper for teenagers without a driver's license

Sleeping is provided by a separate roof tent, where there is a bed with dimensions of 210 x 120 cm, with an internal height of the tent of approx. 150 cm. The shell is made of ABS, there is also a mosquito net to protect against intrusive insects. When folded, the height of the roof tent is 28 cm.

In the engine compartment, there is a diesel engine with a volume of 479 cm3, an output of around 6 HP (approx. 4.4 kW, in France for tax purposes 1 HP), the tank has a volume of 24 liters, the consumption is indicated by the manufacturer at 3.1 l per 100 km – on one refueling is therefore a range of around 500 km. The maximum speed is 45 km/h.

tinyvan dimensions sleeping - Tiny-Van: A french camper for teenagers without a driver's license

The price of the whole vehicle is €29,999 (with kitchen equipment, electricity and roof tent). There are three colors to choose from – white, blue and grey, the warranty is 2 years. Optional and therefore additional equipment includes a reversing camera, electric windows and a car radio with Bluetooth.


  • Electric windows
  • Car radio
  • Benches with cushions and storage box.
  • Removable table.
  • Workplan.
  • Tall storage units.
  • Camp Bistro 2 stove
  • External electrical connection socket
  • Removable fridge
  • Integrated battery
  • Electric water pump
  • Inside lighting
  • Clean water reserve
  • Wastewater reserve
  • Mixer used as a shower
  • Stainless steel sink
  • USB plug
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Interior electrical outlet
  • 2-person roof tent with light
  • reversing camera (optional)

PRICE: €29,999 including tax

France driving rules

The legal age for driving a car without a license is 14. Here are the rules in a nutshell:

  • from the age of 14 to drive a light quad bike or motorcycle smaller than 50 cm² with a BSR license (so-called road safety certificate);
  • from the age of 16 to drive a heavy quad bike with a B1 license or a motorcycle up to 125 cm³ with an A1 license;
  • from the age of 18 to drive a car with a B license or a motorcycle with an A license.
  • From the age of 14, a young driver with BSR can get behind the wheel of a light four-wheeler, i.e. a vehicle meeting the following criteria:
    • the cylinder volume less than or equal to 50 cm3 (or maximum power of 4 kW for electric or diesel engines)
    • speed limited by the manufacturer to 45 km/h
    • curb weight less than 350 kg
    • maximum capacity 2 people

More information on the manufacturer’s website: https://www.vans-sans-permis.fr/tiny-van and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086342200643

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