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ID Buzz camper by Outbase Campers


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The Dutch camping conversion company Outbase Campers plans a 4-person ID Buzz camper. Let’s look into its details!

Outbase Campers specialise in camping conversions of MPVs like the VW Caddy, Dacia Dokker or Citroen Berlingo and are therefore well placed to work on the new ID Buzz, which is about the same size as the Caddy Maxi (see their comparison here).

Key features of the ID Buzz camper by Outbase Campers

  • sleeps 4 people
  • pop-up roof (sleeps 2)
  • custom sofa-bed (sleeps 2)
  • a kitchen that can be used both – inside and outside
    • with an induction hob!
  • swivel front seats
  • sustainable – they aim to create the most sustainable camper on the market

The tailor-made sofabed makes it easy to switch from sofa to made-up bed in seconds and fits perfectly into the design. You will be able to stand in front of the sofa bed and sit on the front seats with a bed arrangement and you can use the toilet at night.

The kitchen will be positioned at the passenger’s side sliding door, so that you can swivel it outwards through the open door, or use it inside too. Actually, you will be able to use the kitchen in three positions: fully in / in sliding door opening / fully out.

id buzz outbase campervans - ID Buzz camper by Outbase Campers
  1. sofa bed with two belts
  2. mattress topper rolled up with bedding and pillows
  3. high storage cabinet with open compartments and elastic
  4. low cupboard or bed extension
  5. 4 spacious storage compartments under the floor
  6. revolving kitchen with an induction hob
  7. swivel front seats
  8. an extra household battery of 3 kWh
  9. (dry) toilet option
  10. bed sofa bed is 120/135 x 200cm
    • Bed in the popup roof is 110 x 190 cm

The pop-up roof will come with a reinforcement frame in the roof of the car to make it safe and comply with safety regulations. It will be operated electrically. They will also thoroughly test it in a wind tunnel simulation, to limit its impact on the range as much as possible. Should you want to pop solar panels on top of it, you will be able to – it’ll come with a surface usable for solar panels.

outbase campers id buzz camper roof - ID Buzz camper by Outbase Campers

What will this ID Buzz camper cost?

The target price for a fully equipped camper is € 85,000 to € 90,000.

What is the launch plan?

They are planning to release 7 ID Buzz campers to selected customers in 2023 (presumably for testing and catching out minor issues + collecting feedback before production in higher numbers).

They will also offer parts of the design for sale if you have your own ID Buzz and if you have the ID Buzz Cargo, they plan to offer a custom camping conversion too.

In 2024, they are expecting 20 more cars to be delivered and converted.

There is no pre-order system yet, but make sure you follow their social networks or email them with your interest if you want to stay in the loop.

“Make the world your home”


Read more on outbasecampervans.com.

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