2022 ciroen e berlingo ukcharging 1 - It's official: EU approved fossil fuel car ban from 2035

It’s official: EU approved fossil fuel car ban from 2035

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From 2035 onwards, only 0% emissions new cars will be allowed to be sold in the EU. This means that the e-Berlingo and similar cars will become the standard for any new cars and campers too. The future is electric!

This 100% CO2 emissions reduction target by 2035 for new cars and vans will prohibit the sale of new cars powered by petrol or diesel across the EU. You will probably still be able to buy a combustion engine second-hand car, but those will slowly trickle through and disappear over the next years after 2035.

More info here.

What does this mean for small campers?

  • much lower consumption costs
  • you can drive quietly through the countryside without any fumes or noise
  • better integration with other electrical equipment as the batteries can handle more than today’s combustion engine batteries
  • if you charge using green energy, you’ll be even more green and environment friendly
  • you will need to plan your journeys better – around charging stations. But by then, there should be many more compared to today. Apps like Chargemap really help with that – you tell it your car and plug type, start and end point and it will calculate your route + waiting times for you. You won’t be able to fill up within 5 minutes though.
    • I usually enjoy a break every few hours on long journeys – coffee, toilet break or food. No point rushing everywhere. Charging the car will mean perhaps a couple of slightly longer breaks than usual, but the feeling of driving without CO2 emissions and much cheaper is well worth it for me.
  • If staying in a camp or wild camping, you will have to keep your battery range in mind – enough to get you out and into a charging station nearby.
    • I expect most campgrounds will by then have a charging station – whether official or just standard electricity you can use to charge over longer periods of time, like you would overnight at home.

Here’s a selection of electric campers in our database:

Many other car manufacturers will be converting all other MPVs to electric too – see all of them in our everyday campers database.

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