sono sion - Sion - a solar camper
sono sion - Sion - a solar camper

Sion – a solar camper

The development of this car has been terminated by Sono Motors in February 2023.

“A spacious electric car with a range of up to 305 kilometres that charges itself through the power of the sun.” – this says it all! It is the cheapest electric car out there and on top of that, it has built-in solar panels that can charge the car and your appliances. Or even other cars and things around you.

There isn’t much information available beyond the prototype specs on Sono Motors, but the Sion is looking very promising as a camping car. It isn’t the biggest – but it’s big enough (about as long as the short version of the Caddy). What sets it apart is its ability to charge itself – if you are driving in a sunny country, you could add 112-245km to your range for free!

The boot length is 163cm – not that much for sleeping,  but with the front seats pushed forward, you could get 180cm of actual length.

It won’t dazzle you with comfort – it wouldn’t be able to keep its low price tag, but the comfort and luxury-seeking crowd isn’t Sion’s target audience. It’s the environmentally conscious, practicality over comfort and EV-enthusiastic buyer that will find all this in the car. 

As it is still a prototype, its dimensions might change – we’ll keep it updated as much as we can!

Body type


Boot length (cm)


Boot height (cm)


Boot width [wheel arches] (cm)


Comfort rating


Engine type

Plug type

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Boot door type

EV Battery (kWh)


EV Efficiency (Wh/km)


EV Range (km)


EV Fuel equivalent consumption (l/100km)


NimbleCamper rating (out of max 5)

Made in


Charging – plug types

The time to charge up to 80% with a SchuKo to type 2 adapter cable can be up to 12.5 hours, depending on the load capacity of the socket.

This method takes 4 hours to provide 80 % charge and 5 hours for 100 %.

The Sion can reach 80 % charge in 35 minutes using CCS. You will have to allow for an additional 24 minutes to reach 100% charge. Nevertheless, 80% provides 240 km of range, usually enough to take you to the next rapid charging station.


  • expected launch: TBC (currently crowdfunding)
  • expected price at launch: €29,900
  • has built-in solar panels over most of the body – can charge itself
    • the integrated solar panels can generate up to 1.2kW of energy at peak performance (a very sunny day, no shadows)
    • under ideal conditions, 112 km on average (up to 245 km max.) additional range per week can be achieved with pure solar energy — CO2 neutral and completely free of charge
    • Perfect for a camping trip in sunny regions of the world!
  • produced by Valmet – a climate-neutral automaker
  • efficient – 16 kWh/100 km (160Wh/km) – about 1.8 l/100km fuel equivalent
  • (better than other electric MPVs that average around 2.5 l/100km)
  • lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with a capacity of 54 kWh and is equipped with a liquid cooling system
  • 120 kW (163 h.p.) motor
  • Open Service System – similar to “open source software” – the car manufacturers plan to publish a detailed manual about the car that everyone will have access to.
    • This will make it easier to get it serviced by any car mechanic that takes the time to learn it.
    • On top of that, there will be instructional videos for the owners, so that they themselves will be able to replace some spare parts without needing a mechanic or prior knowledge.
    • No proprietary technological standards or mechanic certifications also mean that any car service can work on the car.
  • Split-folding rear bench seat (60/40)
  • an app is planned that will allow you to share your vehicle with others, share your power and detailed information about the vehicle status

How to sleep in the Sion, DIY Conversions & other posts

Note: The Sion is not yet in production. Individual vehicle specifications may therefore be subject to change prior to the start of production.

Sono Sion boot and exterior dimensions

These are the published values on of the prototype – the actual dimensions of the car, once it’s launched, will likely differ. But it’s a good indication of where it’s going.

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