alpinecamper vw id buzz front - creates the first VW ID Buzz camping conversion - and it is something! creates the first VW ID Buzz camping conversion – and it is something!


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The ID Buzz is the electric version of the cult van – the T2 – or any of its successors (up to today’s T7). But they are all just vans with lots of seats in the back. There isn’t a version made purely for camping. Or there wasn’t – until January 2023, when Alpincamper, a German camping box and camping conversion maker, decided they could do it faster than Volkswagen.

Meet the two-person VW ID Buzz camper prototype by Alpinecamper:

alpinecamper vw id buzz front - creates the first VW ID Buzz camping conversion - and it is something!

Volkswagen is planning to release an ID Buzz Camper sometime in 2025, but you don’t have to wait that long – have showcased their ID Buzz-based camping conversion in Stuttgart. I couldn’t find a price or any delivery dates yet.

Its body is the same as your standard VW ID Buzz (the Cargo version), including most of its parameters:

Boot height (cm)118
Boot width [wheel arches] (cm)122
Engine typeElectric
Available inAUEUUS
Boot door typeTailgate
Plug typeType 2Type 3 (CCS)
EV Range (km)415
EV Battery (kWh)48111
EV Efficiency (Wh/km)233
EV Fuel equivalent consumption (l/100km)2.6

The body is a bit smaller than Volkswagen’s newest Multivan (T7) – but it is still a people carrier with plenty of room in the back and this version gets three seats in the front.

Sleeping in VW ID Buzz conversion by Alpincamper

This conversion comes with a long sofa (bench) that extends into a 1.95 x 1.20m bed. Underneath, you’ll find storage drawers with a 20l compressor fridge and with a tray to keep your coffee mug when not driving in the side window. There are two more windows turned into shelves on both sides.

alpinecamper vw id buzz innen 230 - creates the first VW ID Buzz camping conversion - and it is something!

On the other side of the cargo area, you’ll find a kitchenette, equipped with a sink, induction cooker, workspace and under-counter storage, an LED lamp and the aforementioned window shelf.

To give you more room for daily tasks like cooking, they have installed a pop-up roof above the middle doors area, which can also help as ventilation with its bug nets. I’d rather see the pop-up roof above the kitchen area though – where you will be standing most of the time. The pop-up roof area inside is lined with an LED strip providing good bright light for the entire cabin.

It also seems that they have installed ventilation on the side at the end of the boot:

alpincamper id buzz camping conversion 4 - creates the first VW ID Buzz camping conversion - and it is something!

A cheaper alternative: Ququq’s Busbox for the ID Buzz

German camping box manufacturer Ququq were the first to produce a camping box for the ID Buzz. Their Busbox will fit the boot nicely and turn your ID Buzz into a camper for less than a full camping conversion. It costs 2,790€ at the time of writing, and you’ll get a comfy bed, kitchen, water supply and storage space amongst others. See Ququq’s page for all specs.

Ququq’s Busbox is a modular storage and camping solution designed specifically for the Volkswagen ID Buzz, an electric microbus. The Busbox fits into the vehicle’s trunk area and provides additional storage space and functionalities such as a kitchenette, sleeping space, and dining area. It transforms the trunk area into a multi-functional living space, allowing for comfortable camping trips without the need for an external tent or additional equipment. The Busbox is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-install solution that is ideal for those who love camping and the outdoors and want to make the most of their VW ID Buzz.

Some of its highlights:

  • a compact module without loose items
  • quick installation
  • bed and kitchen ready for use in seconds
  • comfortable cold foam mattress
  • 2-burner stove
  • wind protection
  • all kitchen functions can be used simultaneously
  • worktop respectively storage space
  • works with and without the rear seat

Image sources: AlpinCamper,, New Atlas

Whether you will choose a complete camping conversion like the Alpincamper one or a camping box you can insert and remove when needed – the ID Buzz is a worthy candidate for a very good electric camper.

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