Renault Twingo camper DIY conversion

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So you think a Twingo is too small for camping? Think again! How about a 200x120cm sleeping area for your camping adventures?

The whole trick is in using the front seats for sleeping too. You can achieve that by laying the front seat backrests flat, then building a frame that will hold your bed above them like so:

The rest of the bed will remain in place whilst driving + has a foldable storage area:

The rest of the build is up to you – whether you’ll do the full monty including the electrics or just a bed + storage:

This shows that you can sleep in any car if you are creative and skilled enough. Or have enough money to pay for a conversion. This camping conversion should work for any small car that allows you to lay the backrest almost flat.

You can of course sleep on the front seats temporarily, without building anything – if they lay flat, it is doable. We did that for a week in Greece in a Fiat Punto and later in a Fiat 500. 🙂 But a flat bed surface will give you much more comfort, your back will thank you!

Source – with authors permission: Facebook

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