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Ford Fiesta DIY camping conversion ideas


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Another one for fans of microcampers – sleeping in the smallest cars, like this for Fiesta or Renault Twingo from my previous post. This is a camping conversion of a Ford Fiesta for a single person, but can be adapted to two people – just build the bed twice the width (and maybe use a roof storage box).


  • plywood – I’d recommend light wood like poplar tree, about 12mm thick
  • rubber foam sheet – as padding for the extension behind the seat part
  • hinges
  • your choice of a sleeping mat – inflatable, foam or anything soft to sleep on (but sturdy enough so it doesn’t move around)

And that’s pretty much it! Cut the plywood to required sizes, join with the hinges where needed, add padding and the sleeping mat, pillow and sleeping bag and you’re good to go.

Amber in Snowdonia will also show you how to convert your Ford Fiesta into a camper:

Amber offers a good walkthrough of her double bed (in a Fiesta!!) camping conversion.

Want more?

Check out this Ford Fiesta camper from Stefanie Lammermann:

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