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Fiat Panda camping conversion DIY by Bill


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This DIY Fiat Panda conversion makes the most of available space in the car. Bill Roberts shows us that you can find plenty of room in the smallest car if you are creative enough.

By extending the sleeping area over the passenger’s reclined seat, you get around 190cm long and 66cm wide platform. If you sleep with your legs towards the front, that’s plenty of space. Even the other way around – with your head in the front – if you like to starfish. Plus you get a view of the night sky out of the front window :).

  • the rear seats have been removed
  • the passenger seat reclines right back and fits under the raised floor
  • the setup has a small cooking area underneath the floor with a sink and tap
  • the water supply is in the spare wheel well
    • author’s comments:
      • the sink is inserted into the wood on top of the framework, there is another piece of wood 7cm above that to make the flat floor, so if you look at the flat floor, the carpeted panel lifts out to reveal the sink underneath
      • the tap does not pull out, the spout part lifts up when the sink is being used then folds down when not needed which allows the carpeted panel to be replaced without removing the tap
      • the distance between the cooking area and the carpeted panel above is 6cm, the tap height when folded is only 4cm, the tap has a built in micro switch to turn on a small pump
      • the wooden frame is fixed to the floor at 4 points, 2 at the back and 2 at the front, there is a leg supporting the wood above the passenger seat at the front

This conversion is suitable for any small car or SUV whose passenger seat reclines enough for a platform to go above it.

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