subaru outback diy camper conversion - Subaru Outback budget camper conversion by Travel World Culture

Subaru Outback budget camper conversion by Travel World Culture

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Converting your car into a camper doesn’t have to be expensive – and this month’s pick proves that: Travel World Culture’s Subaru Outback DIY camper conversion for only $150. Gavin and Jess faced a similar situation as many of us – unable to travel as much as they like because of the pandemic, they looked for other options. And a staycation – exploring their country on 4 wheels without leaving the borders, was a good solution. I can certainly relate to that (did the same thing) 🙂

What I like about their Subaru Outback DIY camper conversion:

  • cheap! At only $150, it’s one of the cheapest you can find. (Very close to my $130 Sharan camping conversion too)
  • Subaru Outback is not the biggest / best car for sleeping in, but it’s one of the best for off-road camping trips
  • minimalistic design – very similar to what I’ve done with my Sharan – simple storage boxes with a platform above
  • I love the plastic storage boxes in one piece – you can pull them out easily and get access to everything inside quickly
  • easily reproducible for anyone
  • their step by step guide provides you with everything you need to do what they did

Or watch their video walk-through:

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