skoda roomster camping review 1 - Skoda Roomster camper review - is it a good car for car camping?

Skoda Roomster camper review – is it a good car for car camping?

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skoda roomster camping review 1 - Skoda Roomster camper review - is it a good car for car camping?

This is the definitive Skoda Roomster car camping review, camping information, dimensions and gallery. Continue reading if you want to know:

  • Skoda Roomster’s size & measurements for car camping
  • Its comfort & driving rating
  • Can you sleep in a Skoda Roomster? And more importantly – how easy it is to sleep in them?
  • How does the Roomster compare to other car camping / microcamper cars – our rating & overall cars table
  • Pros & cons
  • Storage options
  • Skoda Roomster microcamper conversion ideas gallery

I’ve noticed quite a few searches coming to this website looking for “Skoda Roomster camper”, so I dug into it. Is Skoda Roomster a good camping-car? Does it meet the basic requirements – especially boot length? Or is there a better alternative in the same price range?

Skoda Roomster Camper Review Summary

Skoda Roomster camper / microcamper review

Lukas Cech –

skoda roomster camping review 1 - Skoda Roomster camper review - is it a good car for car camping?
Boot length 150cm (195cm with front seats pushed forward & tilted)
Boot height 100cm
Storage – average
Comfort (interior)
Comfort (driving)


Although there are quite a few Skoda Roomster camping conversions, it’s not the best car for the job – it’s too short (although you can push the front seats forward and put in a whole 195cm camping bed, you are sacrificing storage space + can’t drive with the bed set up). The only thing that saves the car is a slightly higher boot than a standard estate car. It’s not an expensive car, but that shows in the interior & drive quality. It’s a good choice compared to a VW Golf, but not compared to a Caddy, Peugeot Grand Kangoo (closest in the price range to a Roomster) or a Ford Galaxy.
See how Skoda Roomster stacks up against other cars in our best cars for camping database


Is Skoda Roomster a good car for car camping?

This section focuses on assessing how this car performs in a car camping setting – space, storage, features useful for camping, and extendability (how easy it is to add car camping gear).

Key information

  • Car type: MPV/Minivan
  • Make: Skoda
  • Folded seats boot length (cm): 150 (195 with front seats pushed forward & tilted)
  • Boot height (cm): 100
  • Boot width (cm): 100 (127 – 2nd row of seats)
  • avg MPG (US): 34
  • avg l/100km consumption: 6.9
  • ADAC rating (lower = better): 2.3/5

External rating (not focused on car camping): rating: 3/5 • rating: 4/5 • rating: 3/5

Average external rating: 3.3/5

So to answer your question:

Can you sleep in a Skoda Roomster?

I say: You can sleep in it, but it’s not the biggest one. You can make it work, of course, it’s possible to sleep in any car if your DIY skills are good – but if you don’t want too much DIY, you’re better off with bigger cars – like a VW Sharan or VW Caddy.

Used Skoda Roomster prices

Skoda Roomster is a cheap car, so you can’t go wrong here – various models used prices range from around 1400 EUR (1200 GBP) to 9500 EUR (8125 GBP) on at the time of writing, and nothing above 5000 GBP on In short – plenty of offers under 10,000 EUR.

But beware – according to’s review entry-level cars don’t even come with A/C… so the cheapest might not be the best for a long journey during hot summer days.

Dimensions & Storage

The Skoda Roomster isn’t actually a big car (despite its name):

  • Exterior dimensions (cm)
    • length: 421
    • width: 168
    • height: 161
  • Interior dimensions (cm)
    • boot width: 100 (127 – 2nd row of seats)
    • boot height: 100 (seats removed), ~70 with seats folded
    • boot length: 150 (195 with front seats pushed forward & tilted)

Although the height and width are standard and acceptable for car camping, the boot length is where Skoda Roomster misses the mark by quite a bit – a 150cm long boot means you won’t be able to stretch your legs at all. You can push the front seats forward and gain more room in the back, but at the cost of storage space in the front. This is why we make the cut-off at 170cm (so you don’t have to push the front seats forward or not by much).

Storage-wise, in the front you will get the standard compartments you’d expect – storage in both doors, 2 (small) compartments in front of the passenger and cupholders in front of the gearstick. There is no overhead storage like VW Caddy or Sharan – or perhaps a small glasses compartment in newer models. Newer models should also come with a drawer under the front seat. Some models come with an armrest with built-in storage too.

It’s pretty standard for the 2nd row of seats – door storage and a small compartment + 1 cupholder between the front seats. The boot offers two quite big compartments on both sides + a flat surface next to the window to put things on too. Some hooks that will come in handy + an add-on compartment (the half-circle strap bottom right) – although that might get in the way of a camping bed.

Electric sockets – 12V outlets

There are 2 12V outlets – one in the front by the handbrake, one at the back – although I couldn’t find any images of it, only a random mention in a forum.

Rear seats portability

The Skoda Roomster has two options to hide away the 2nd row of seats – you can fold them (backrests) or you can lift them up towards the front. Lifting them doesn’t really work for sleeping in the car, therefore it’s not usable for our purposes. Folding them down is ok – it creates a platform you can support your camping bed on, with some storage space towards the rear of the boot. Similar to VW Sharan 5-seater that I have converted for less than 110€ in this post.

There’s also option #3 – you can take the seats out completely, which will give you much more room. And they are quite easy to take out too.

The trouble with the Roomster is that it’s much shorter than the Sharan and also a bit lower – so whatever solution you will build for sleeping & storage, you will have less room than in any of the bigger cars on our list. Of course, you get more headroom than in a standard estate car, but you can’t escape the fact this is a shorter car. The need to push the front seats forward isn’t something we’re looking for in a camping car – therefore it’s a pass, but just barely…

The Skoda Roomster, therefore, isn’t the best car for a car camping conversion. You can still manage (especially if it’s a 1 person conversion, where you can push one of the front seats to the front to gain room), but there are better alternatives out there with much more room. Don’t buy a Skoda Roomster for camping, but if you have one, you can still convert it to a camper, some inspiration can be found here:


Is Skoda Roomster a good car for driving?

This can get very subjective – you can see more detailed reviews on these websites: rating: 3/5 • rating: 4/5 • rating: 3/5

The quirky Roomster is an unusual reworking of the MPV formula, but it’s best thought of as a spacious small family car. It has two full size seats in the back, with a slimmer seat in the middle. All three can be reclined, folded forward or removed completely to turn the Roomster into a quasi-van. The middle seat can also be removed separately to give more shoulder-room for those in the back. In addition, the boot is a decent size and shape,
The Roomster is quite good to drive, with light steering and a tight turning circle – making it ideal for urban streets. On faster roads the ride can be a little wallowy, but it absorbs bumps well and doesn’t lean excessively through corners. Wind and road noise are kept in check most of the time, but can be heard at higher speeds.
Skoda have worked hard to build a reputation for quality, and the Roomster feels part of the family. The cabin has a solid finish with a durable feel.

The foolish could easily dismiss the Roomster as just some novelty niche irrelevance that Skoda could do without. Foolish, because the Roomster represents a milestone in the rejuvenation of the Skoda brand, and is exactly the type of car Skoda needs to be making – cars that show practical needn’t mean boring, and cars that are much more than just watered down, re-badged VWs.
It is in fact a model for how platform sharing should work. Yes, there are the economies of scale of lower parts costs and component modularity (the chassis mixes original construction with parts from the Fabia and both new and old Octavia).

The Skoda Roomster was Skoda’s unconventional approach to the small MPV. It never offered seven seats, but its interior was still immensely practical thanks to rear seats that could fold and tumble or be completely removed for carrying large items. The Roomster’s strength was its ability to provide a practical interior in a model that was more like a small car to drive than rivals such as the Citroen C4 Picasso.

Is there a better camping alternative to Skoda Roomster?

The verdict here is probably obvious by now – Skoda Roomster can be converted to a microcamper, but it’s not the best car camping vehicle because of its size & low level of comfort. There are better – longer and more comfy alternatives out there and you don’t even have to pay that much more. If you are thinking about buying a Skoda Roomster specifically for car camping – don’t – check our microcamper reviews and I’m sure you will find a better car.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

The Roomster is a cheap car – used prices average at around 4400 EUR (3700 GBP) [using year 2011 as a benchmark). This eliminates our favourites like VW Sharan or VW Caddy Maxi but still leaves some good camping cars to choose from. The first two (Peugeot and Citroen) are very similar to the Roomster, but slightly longer.

Peugeot Partner Teepee L2 (Long)

  • 2011 used prices start from 4800 EUR (4100 GBP)
  • Boot length 217cm (total length 438cm)
  • Boot height 113cm
  • flat boot door floor (easier to put a camping box/boot jump in and out)
  • van-like, lower comfort interior and drive
  • rear sliding doors (unlike the Roomster)
  • get the Teepee version if you don’t want a van (no windows at the back or rear seats)

Citroen Berlingo Long

  • 2011 used prices start from 4400 EUR (3700 GBP)
  • Boot length 176cm (make sure you get the long version – 438cm long)
  • Boot height 100cm
  • flat boot door floor (easier to put a camping box/boot jump in and out)
  • van-like, lower comfort interior and drive
  • there are newer bigger versions (Multispace – XL), but out of this price range
  • rear sliding doors (unlike the Roomster)

Renault Grand Kangoo

(or even standard Kangoo)

  • 2011 used prices start from 5270 EUR (4500 GBP)
  • boot length – 221cm (Grand Kangoo) or 180cm (Kangoo)
  • boot height 113cm
  • flat boot door floor (easier to put a camping box/boot jump in and out)
  • van-like, lower comfort interior and drive
  • rear sliding doors (unlike the Roomster)
Slightly higher price range, but close:

Ford Galaxy

  • 2011 used prices start from 7380 EUR (6300 GBP)
  • Boot length 204cm
  • Boot height 90cm
  • 7 seater – much easier to fold seats down & have a flat surface
  • more expensive, but has a much better comfort rating
  • no sliding doors
  • check out this DIY Ford Galaxy camping conversion

Recommended car tent/awning & camping gear

arpenaz base m car tent
The best budget car tent you can find
+ it fits Sharan / Berlingo & similar MPVs like a glove:
See how it fit’s my Sharan 2013 in this full review + video

Confirmed to fit: Sharan, Touran, Berlingo, Caddy, Partner, Kangoo, Combo
At around 100-120 GBP / , it’s a bargain that does the job of a 300+ GBP tent

at Decathlon UK
Or see my full review here
foldable camping table and chairs
Small, foldable and sits 4 with plenty of space for food preparation

Works best for two people camping trip (tested it myself!) – very light, easy to fold and transport, sturdy enough at this price range.

£59.99 – BUY NOW
at Decathlon UK
6 person inflatable tent
Inflatable luxury for 6 people (3 bedrooms)
+ 170cm opening for any tailgate

Fits MPVs, SUVs, Bedrooms:140×210 cm | Stand-up living room:7,1 sqm with zipped basin groundsheet
Fresh fabric: reduces heat inside your tent in the sun

at Decathlon UK

Where to buy a Roomster offers a wide selection of used cars – new or older at a range of prices that will fit any buyer. Prices start as low as £1,000.

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