microcamper diy camper conversions - DIY microcamper conversion Jan 2021: Skoda Octavia & Subaru outback

DIY microcamper conversion Jan 2021: Skoda Octavia & Subaru outback


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This month’s top picks amongst the many DIY car camping conversions are on the opposite sides of the difficulty spectrum – a very simple Skoda Octavia conversion and a more advanced Subaru Outback. Which one is your favorite?

Skoda Octavia – a super minimalistic camper conversion

…sleep anywhere, nobody takes notice – is the author’s subtitle for this conversion, and he’s right!

What I like about this Skoda Octavia micro camper (stealth) conversion

  • simplicity – it’s just a bunch of boards, cleverly cut & joined together by upholstery
  • modularity / reversibillity – fold it halfway and you can pop the rear seats back up
  • storage – it creates a double floor you can use all the time – car camping or regular usage with 5 seats in use
  • minimalism – when folded it doesn’t take up much space at all
  • affordability – plastic crates, plywood and upholstery won’t cost you much

Thumbs up to the author Gottardo Pestalozzi! Here’s a second video showing you how to convert your car yourself.

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pressure solar camping shower 10 litres 600x600 1 - DIY microcamper conversion Jan 2021: Skoda Octavia & Subaru outback

Pressure solar camping shower (pumped) – 10l

This camping shower is easy to transfer and doesn’t need to hang in the air – it has a built-in pump that lets you pressurise the chamber and shower or use it in the sink anywhere. It’s black, so the longer you leave it in the sun, the warmer the water will be (or just leave it in a hot closed car in the summer).

  • Lightweight: 870 g including the bag
  • 10 litre capacity | On/off button on the handle to prevent waste

4.2/5 stars
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Subaru Outback – 1 person car camping conversion

This one even has a laptop table! How cool is that 🙂

🏆Best cars for camping 🏆

Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸
3.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆
  1. Fiat Doblò camper XL, High Roof 🇪🇺 4.0/5
  2. Honda Odyssey 🇺🇸 4.0/5
  3. Volkswagen Sharan 🇪🇺 3.9/5
  4. Caddy Maxi Camper (Life) 🇪🇺 3.8/5

See all cars in our database, their boot dimensions and more ➡️

What I like about this Subaru Outback microcamper conversion

  • lots of good storage space – clever narrow shelf design leading to…
  • …plenty of sleeping room for a single person
  • pull-out tables for additional room or comfort when stationary. Sit back in a camping chair, put your coffee down on the table and your feet up 🙂
  • did I mention it also has a laptop table? Find out how to make it in this video.

This one isn’t as easy to create – you will need proper DIY gear and some skills, but when did that stop a keen DIY camper huh?

Check out the author’s video on how to make this baby for your Subaru. More on that on their website roadtoridge.com.

Have any good candidates for our DIY car camping / microcamper conversions of the month? Drop them in the comments…

6 person inflatable camping shelter air seconds base connect 11 - DIY microcamper conversion Jan 2021: Skoda Octavia & Subaru outback
6-person inflatable camping shelter – air seconds base connect – £299.99

Don’t like fiddling around with poles? This inflatable car tent might be the right choice for you. The sheet + poles make joining it to your car even more flexible. It has two large openings on opposite ends, giving you a choice of which side you’ll attach to the vehicle. It fits most MPVs – tailgate or side-door, you can connect it from two ends

  • Height: 2.25 m (opening for tailgate 1.75m) | Floor area: 6.25 m2 (2.5×2.5m) | Comfortable for 6 people
  • Openings on 4 sides (2 suitable for a car) | but only 1 mosquito net
  • Weight 13kg
  • Easy installation: Rapid pitching thanks to its all-in-one inflatable structure (requires a separate pump though)
  • The fabric filters UV rays with a UPF of 50+, Waterproof, good quality – tested in long rain and strong winds, it holds up pretty well (relatively to the price)
Inflatable luxury for 6 people (3 bedrooms)
+ 170cm opening for any tailgate

Fits MPVs, SUVs, Bedrooms:140x210 cm | Stand-up living room:7,1 sqm with zipped basin groundsheet
Fresh fabric: reduces heat inside your tent in the sun

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SUP? Paddle for the entire family (max load 320kg)

Inflatable paddle board for any weight: less than 60 kg: ultra-stable board - 60 to 80 kg : very stable board - over 80 kg: ideal board for easily starting out

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