decathlon - Gear up for your summer camping trip with Decathlon

Gear up for your summer camping trip with Decathlon

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If there’s one place where you can buy most of your camping gear, it is definitely Decathlon. This post will tell you why and show you the best picks, tested by many happy campers. There is equipment for all your camping needs: car tents, camping furniture, cooking and sleeping gear. And hobby and sports gear for the time in between :).

We don’t like having to go to five different stores to buy a bunch of things for camping. With Decathlon, you no longer need to. Here are the top car camping equipment categories or items that will make your camping trip memorable, all under one roof. Should anything go wrong, it is easy to return the items or get them serviced. Aside from all the items below, you’ll find plenty more camping, hobby and sports equipment or clothing at Decathlon.

Now on to the top things you can find at Decathlon that will make your camping trip more enjoyable, comfortable or memorable.

Sleeping bags and mattresses

A good night’s sleep is key to everything you plan to do on your camping trip – I’ve tested various car mattresses and can confirm, that a good self-inflating camping mattress is a great low-priced, but comfortable, yet small and easy-to-store option. Top it up with a good sleeping bag and your favourite pillow and you’ll wake up refreshed for the adventures ahead!


very lightweight and compact • durable (not as easy to puncture as a conventional air mattress) • comfortable much better insulation than thick conventional air mattresses (less air to heat up) better stability (too much air makes a mattress bounce all over the place)
I have been using it for several years now – it is enough on its own, but it can be easily coupled with a thinner foam sheet in the car for a longer camping trip and additional comfort.

4.0/5 from 800+ reviews


Comfort temperature 10°C | Limit temperature: 5°C – perfect for spring-summer-autumnmachine washable
You don’t need a hardcore sleeping bag to sleep in the car from spring to autumn. The car protects you enough and this sleeping bag is all you need.

4.6/5 from 1000+ reviews

Camping cool boxes and fridges

After a good lie-in, it’s time for a chilled drink! Here’s how you can keep your drinks and food cooler – in your car or on foot, at a festival or trekking:

Camping Flexible Cooler – 35 L – Preserves Cold for 17 Hours

Keeps food fresh for 17 hours without ice packs – Large zip opening | 3 storage pockets | Outer net pocket | 1 divider Lightweight: 1.6 kg Stores away neatly | Deflate after use

4.7/5 from 700+ reviews

Isothermal Backpack 20 L – NH100 Ice Compact

Keeps food fresh for 7 hours without an ice pack 2 mesh pockets on the sides | 2 zipped pockets to secure your belongings Volume: 20 litres | Weight: 485 g | Dimensions: 29 x 19 x 42 cm

4.7/5 from 3000+ reviews

Camping kitchen equipment, chairs and tables

You can sleep in your car, but if you don’t have a camping box fitted with a table – you’ll want some flat surface to put your coffee/tea/beer on. And breakfast, lunch, dinner. And cards or any other table game. And your portable cooker. Well – there’s plenty of need for a camping table + chairs. Make sure it’s a foldable one!

I have bought this one – it’s the smallest I’ve found (including 4 chairs) and pretty light. Works well for 2 and I’d say even more people. The chairs are basic – no backrest, I’m probably going to buy 2 bigger ones. But the table is still great – you won’t find any better at this price.


Small, foldable and sits 4 with plenty of space for food preparation
Table and chairs in one compact package

Folding Camping Kitchen Unit

Aluminium frame | Countertop withstands up to 50 kg
Height : 84 cm | Countertop: 94 x 46 cm | 2 zip cupboard doors | 5 shelves

camping folding armchair basic.resized - Gear up for your summer camping trip with Decathlon

Camping Folding Armchair

A camping chair that is both compact and comfortable. An essential item for those who love frequent camping.

Includes an essential cup holder.

Car tents, roof tents

Yep, Decathlon now does roof tents too. And you can use many of their bigger tents with any car – as you can see in my Arpenaz base M review – it is a perfect starter car tent for a tailgate, barn doors or the side door. You can’t go wrong with it, there are hundreds of happy owners in many camping forums, just search for “Arpenaz base m” and you’ll see: Small Vehicle Campers, Microcamper (DE), Minicamper Tipps & Tricks (DE), Self build campervans.

I bought one myself too 🙂 I go camping with my girlfriend and a dog, and this tent is more than enough.

MY TOP BUDGET CAR TENT – Decathlon Arpenaz Base M

Lukas Cech –

arpenaz base m berlingo2 - Gear up for your summer camping trip with Decathlon
If you don’t mind it’s not meant to be used as a car tent – but it actually can do the job pretty well, you’re in for a treat – at only 129.99 GBP / 139.99 EUR, you will get a pretty good tailgate tent – or a side door tent, you can make it fit both. Better for cars like Caddy, Berlingo, Sharan etc – with lower height compared to a Multivan (as most car awnings are made for those). Confirmed to fit most MPVs, barn doors as well. (see images below)
– Very cheap!!
– Height : 2.15 m | Floor area: 6.25 m2 | Comfortable for 6 people
– Openings on 3 sides | 3 mosquito nets
– Waterproof (200L per hour per m2)
– Packed size – rectangular cover | 57 x 18 cm | 18 litres
– Weight 8kg
– Easy set-up with a free-standing structure | Fibreglass poles
– The fabric filters UV radiation with a UPF of 30
– Withstands force 6 winds – around 50 km/h | Wind tunnel test
– doesn’t need a rail to be attached
– will not fit exactly as it’s not meant to be used with a car, but should do the trick – the opening is high enough for the tailgate or most barn doors + the sheet will protect from rain.

129.99 GBP / 139.99 EUR

I haven’t seen a tailgate tent in this price range that works better. Easy to carry, easy to erect and does the job perfectly – you gain a lot of storage space / living room with mosquito nets and window covers for privacy / cover during the rain. Add a tarp to cover the tailgate for extra rain protection and there’s not much missing from this (unintentional) car tent. If you are considering trying car camping with a car tent, this is the one to try. And you may never need another one, unless your family starts to grow 🙂

Available at any Decathlon website for your country.
I recommend buying this foldable table + 4 chairs too – good ratings, price and takes up almost no space.


There are three ways how you can fit it over your tailgate or side door:

Read more about the top three Decathlon car tents.

Camping headlamps and lanterns

There are never enough lights when camping :D. Especially when you need to find something around the car.

I bought this headtorch years ago – and it’s still working just fine after all these years. Lightweight, small and durable, not to mention it’s a bargain!

It takes standard AAA batteries, I’d recommend getting rechargeable ones + a charger and you’ll have always some spare ones somewhere in the car.

For general light in the car, I find the red light option of the standard Camping Lamp very useful – doesn’t bother your eyes and still allows you to function normally and see things. Not enough for reading of course, but enough to find your beer opener! It is also very easy to hang anywhere thanks to its long strap – a tree branch, tent, inside the car (handles), or you can just leave it standing on top of the table. Especially in the red light mode, as it doesn’t bother your eyes even if it’s in front of you.

Battery Head Torch – 30 lumen – ONNIGHT 50

25 hours. Works with 2 x LR03-AAA batteries (provided) Wide beam (30 lm) with 15 m range: general use

4.6/5 from 6000+ reviews


3 modes: 20 lumens (red) -50 lumens -100 lumens| Effective lighting for 2 people • 26h at 100 lumens | 60h at 50 lumens | 130h in red mode • works on 4 LR6 AA batteries

4.7/5 from 3000+ reviews

i100 womens short wellies green - Gear up for your summer camping trip with Decathlon

And here’s a must for the festival season:

I100 Women’s Short Wellies – Green

Lightweight wellies which are easy to put on and pull off. The non-slip sole with lugs provides a good grip on muddy ground, and they can be washed inside and out. They dry quickly too. Available for men as well.

You might find these handy too:

Head over to for even more items

cshow - Gear up for your summer camping trip with Decathlon

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