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  • Caddy Maxi Camper (Life)

    The VW Caddy Maxi Life is one of the biggest MPVs out there and probably the best small camper van option out there. If boot size is your primary criteria – you can’t go wrong with a Caddy. The car drives good too. Where it lacks a bit is comfort – it takes after its van origins and offers a more basic interior. But it makes up for it in storage – it really has a lot of compartments all over the place. It’s not the best car to take off the road completely – but you can take it down a good enough mud road without any big problems. A very good car camping / microcamping conversion candidate, unless you are planning to drive through forests and very much offroad – or you prefer a higher class interior comfort. 

    In the UK, the Caddy Maxi Life is registered as a car (not a van), so can go at a higher speed limit than the equivalent van. 

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.8/5

  • VW Caddy Camper (Life, short)

    A shorter version of the Caddy – I don’t see why you’d go for short if there’s a longer version with everything else being the same :). But perhaps you want a more compact car – the key benefit of the shorter Caddy is its manoeuvrability – it is easier to park and drive in cities. It is 47cm shorter and 13cm lower than the Caddy Maxi Life.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.0/5