caddy life short - VW Caddy Camper (Life, short)
caddy life short - VW Caddy Camper (Life, short)

VW Caddy Camper (Life, short)

A shorter version of the Caddy – I don’t see why you’d go for short if there’s a longer version with everything else being the same :). But perhaps you want a more compact car – the key benefit of the shorter Caddy is its manoeuvrability – it is easier to park and drive in cities. It is 47cm shorter and 13cm lower than the Caddy Maxi Life.

This car’s boot is 178 cm long ⤢, 113 cm tall ↕, and 112 cm wide ↔.

NimbleCamper rating: 3/5

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Standard reviews (not focused on camping) rating 4/5 • rating: 3/5 • rating: 3.8/5
Average rating: 3.6/5


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VW Caddy general summary

The 2019 Volkswagen Caddy Life, a van-based MPV, a practical choice for those needing to transport people and cargo. It offers more space than a typical estate car, solid build quality, and sliding doors. It comes in five or seven-seat configurations and is more enjoyable to drive than expected.

I have to emphasize the roomy interior, particularly in the back, with ample knee and headroom. There’s also a Maxi version with seven seats, but the seats don’t fold flat, requiring them to be removed for maximum cargo space, which can be inconvenient.

In terms of features, the Caddy provides essentials like air conditioning, a 5-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, and a heated windscreen, but lacks more advanced features such as speed sign recognition or blind spot monitoring. The interior is described as utilitarian, with practical but not luxurious materials and furnishings.

The Caddy offers three engine options, including a 1-liter turbo petrol and a 2-liter diesel, with the latter being more suitable for carrying seven people and cargo. However, the diesel engine’s noise and lack of noise insulation in the cabin are its downsides.

In terms of running costs, the Caddy is considered frugal, providing approximately 4.7 l/100km (50 miles per gallon) on a good run. The driving experience is pleasant, with light steering, good stability in corners, and a straightforward, no-frills feel. Despite lacking style, the Caddy is praised for its practicality and solid build, although its competitors may offer more standard features and family-friendly design.

The price of the Caddy (2019) ranges from £21,000 to £29,000, making it relatively expensive, but its sensible VW image and solid feel may appeal to some buyers.

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