Publishing Principles

These principles guide our editorial (article writing) process to ensure you are getting accurate and reliable information.

Accuracy of information

We want to make sure that the information you’ll find on is useful and accurate in a way that we would like to have it when doing research about car camping or any other topic that we cover on We always ensure that each piece of information is verified from multiple and reliable sources.

Or, if we can’t find multiple sources (for example for a measurement of a car’s boot), we will find the car in our neighbourhood and measure it ourselves, or, if not available, we’ll ask in various forums for help – and someone measures the car for us.

Should you find any content or information that isn’t correct, let us know at:

References, Sources, and Citations

We ensure that our sources are linked to and clearly mentioned in the text, any statistics or other information that comes from an external source has a link to that original source.

Up-to-date information

As much as possible, we update our content to ensure it reflects the actual situation. This is of course not always possible as things are changing rapidly, but we do our best to update the most critical pieces of information frequently.